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A Buyer’s Guide to Award-Winning Menthol E-Liquids

By Gordon Stribling 25th September 2020 2 Mins


Whether you’re transitioning from menthol cigarettes or would simply rather a refreshing vape, menthol e-liquids are a great option.

Generally speaking, menthol e-liquids are blended with fruits and tobaccos, though there are exceptions.

Here’s a selection of icy blends that were picked out by judges at our last two awards events.

IVG Rainbow Blast

Rainbow Blast won 1st place in the best menthol category at our 2019 awards.

The IVG favourite ticked all the boxes for our judges, with its vibrant combination of strawberry, orange and lemon. These candy notes provide plenty of sweetness, which is cut through by a strong dose of menthol on the finish.

Vampire Vape Heisenberg

Vampire Vape Heisenberg took 2nd place in the best menthol category at our 2019 awards, along with joint 1st place at our 2018 awards.

Heisenberg is one of the best selling menthol e-liquids in the world and for good reason. This unmistakable blend features a variety of fruits, including berries and grape, accented with a light anise and finished with a moderate dose of menthol.

This is a classic flavour that changes as its vaped throughout the day. An easy recommendation for any new vaper who is looking for something fruity and mentholated.

Wolf Drip Bubblegum Spearmint

Wolf Drip Bubblegum Spearmint took 3rd place at our 2019 awards.

This is a simplistic blend, highly suited to new vapers. Spearmint bubblegum makes up most of the profile, with mild hints of fruit medley notes.

The blend is finished with a moderate menthol, making for a fresh but satisfying profile that’s ideal for those who prefer a lighter vape.

Bright Honeydew Bubblegum

Bright Honeydew Bubblegum took joint 1st place at our 2018 award, so it really is one of the best menthol e-liquids out there.

Manufactured by industry veterans Island Vape UK, this is an interesting flavour. Bold candy honeydew is the top note here, which gives way to a milder fruity bubblegum note.

The mix is finished with a moderate dose of coolant, creating an unusual fruit, candy and ice mix that will keep you guessing.

Header Image by 358611 from Pixabay

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