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Top 5 Dessert E-liquids

By Staff Editor 9th April 2020 4 Mins


Dessert e-liquids are a strange beast. For many intermediate and enthusiast vapers, they are among the most popular flavour profiles but for some reason, new vapers who are transitioning from cigarettes often find them unappealing. Today, we’re covering five of our favourite desserts and there should be something to cover most palates.

5. Nata Liquids – Original:

Nata Liquids is produced by Canadian distributor Hazetown Vapes and it’s quite unusual as dessert e-liquids go, since it’s not super sweet. It’s described as a Portuguese custard tart and this must be one of the most true to life creations we’ve had the pleasure of vaping. The main note here is a dark, crispy pastry shell. This is blended with a rather mild vanilla custard, that adds a nice creamy note, without dominating. It’s finished with a light bakery cinnamon accent, which is just like the dusting of cinnamon on the real thing. A great choice for those who enjoy pastry but don’t want a sweetened blend.

4. Just Jam – Apricot Crumble:

Just Jam have been making some of our favourite fruity dessert profiles for a number of years and their newest additions all feature apricot as the main note. Apricot Crumble has quickly become our go to of the bunch. The main feature is a rich, jammy apricot, with a sticky sweetness and slight tang. This is backed up by a rich, buttery pastry base, that really sells the profile as a dessert. Apricot is quite unusual for a dessert blend but in this case, it works fantastically.

3. Chef’s Flavours – Nice Custard Cream:

This is what we would consider an “old-school” style custard blend. It has a heavy, thick vanilla custard as the most prominent note. This is complemented by a moderately strong biscuit, which adds some texture to the profile and then finished with a mild coconut accent, which does a great job of recreating the flavour of a Nice biscuit. The end result is a luxurious custard vape, that has more layers than a standard vanilla custard.

2. Kite In Cloud – Lenola Cream:

Lenola Cream has been around for years and when it launched, it was the only product that Kite In Cloud sold. This confidence wasn’t unwarranted because it immediately gained a cult following that continues to grow. The official description of the profile lists banana, fruit medley, cream and pie. We may never guess the what really goes into this mystery blend but it has a lot going on. Banana and mixed berries are the most prominent notes, with a mild cream and pastry base to turn up the volume. For some reason, this e-liquid seems to change in flavour throughout the day and can hugely change with different atomisers. A classic dessert that’s still worth picking up.

1. Kapka’s Flava – Drunken Pudding:

Once in a while, you stumble upon an e-liquid that you’ve never heard of that just blows you away. That’s what happened to me with Drunken Pudding. It’s hugely popular in Germany, where Kapka’s Flava is based, and I understand why. The main note in this blend is a creamy vanilla pudding. This gives way to a moderate cake note and finishes with a light, sweet rum. I never thought I would find a rum profile that could be vaped all day but this just works. The flavours here are balanced perfectly, to create a sweet but not sickly dessert, with enough complexity to keep you guessing.

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