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top 5 strawberry eliquids

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Top 5 Strawberry E-liquids

By Staff Editor 12th April 2020 3 Mins


Despite the huge variety available today in the e-liquid market, strawberry blends remain one of the most popular choices for any profile that involves fruit. Today, we’re taking a look at some of our favourites. 

5. Just Jam Original:

We can’t make a list of great strawberry flavours without mentioning Just Jam Original. It’s the flavour that originally launched the brand and to this day, it’s the most authentic strawberry jam flavour that we’re aware of. The combination of sticky sweetness, slight earthiness and mild tang on the finish make for a simple but extremely moreish vape. 

JUST JAM Original eliquid

4. Dinner Lady Strawberry Macaroon:

Dinner Lady may be best known for their Lemon Tart but Strawberry Macaroon has been gracing our atomisers a lot since it was released. The main note is a bright, authentic strawberry, which is paired with notes of almond, coconut and cream. The result is a sophisticated dessert that allows the strawberry top note to shine. 


3. Twist E-liquid Strawberry Mason Lemonade:

Twist E-liquid and the Strawberry Queen team came together to create Strawberry Mason Lemonade. This is a fruity blend for those with a sweet tooth, which has a super bright and ripe strawberry as the top note. This is complemented by a zesty homestyle lemonade base, which gives the top note an extra pop. 

Lemon Twist eliquid

2. Steam Train Signalman:

Strawberry and cream blends are so common that you’d be forgiven for thinking they’ve all been done before. Signalman really surprised us when we first tried it because it has a very distinctive profile. The strawberry in this case is rather mellow, leaning towards authentic fruit, rather than a candy or syrup. This is backed up by a wonderful dairy cream flavour, that’s much less sweet than we would usually expect. The end result is an e-liquid that tastes like a real bowl of strawberries and cream. Excellent stuff. 


1. Suicide Bunny Mother’s Milk:

This has to be one of the most famous e-liquids of all time. Back when most e-liquids had a single note, Suicide Bunny came to prominence by making complex, multi-layered blends. Mother’s Milk quickly became the most popular of the lot. The main note is a rich vanilla custard. This is accented with a mild baked strawberry flavour, along with some graham cracker on the finish. A subtle and incredibly moreish strawberry dessert vape that is still one of the best around years after it was released. 


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