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UK Vape Retailers Sign Up for 1account’s Cutting-Edge Age Verification Technology

By Nathan Warby 19th July 2021 2 Mins


Five of the UK’s leading online vape retailers are adopting revolutionary age verification technology to stave-off underage buyers.

While e-cigarettes are one of the most successful and popular stop smoking tools for adults, preventing young people from getting their hands on vaping products should be a top priority for brands the world over.

To help businesses stop youth from ordering through their virtual storefronts, age verification specialist 1account has created a free and comprehensive service.

Ben Keirle, Chief Executive of 1account, highlighted the ‘daily challenge’ that vape retailers face in making their websites as secure as possible.

He said his software would block underage buyers from ordering vaping products, allowing brands to focus on supplying adult smokers with reduced risk alternatives.

Vape giant VPZ is among the brands to sign up for 1account’s services, with director Doug Mutter saying it’s vital that online stores focus on their age verification.

He said:

“I firmly believe the vaping sector here in the UK is ahead of other industries when it comes to harm reduction and age verification is at the heart of that.

“Our shop staff are highly trained and know their responsibilities towards younger people…but online can be trickier.”

Doug Mutter, VPZ

UK-based brands Royal Flush, Vapourcore, E-cigarette Direct and Vape Superstore have also adopted 1account’s software as a part of their youth prevention strategies.

Ed Swain, managing director of Vape Superstore, said:

“It is imperative to have robust processes in place to ensure our goods don’t fall into the hands of minors…it’s the single biggest challenge to our business.

“There are always going to be underage people wanting to try an adult activity like smoking or vaping and it is up to responsible retailers to put everything we can in place to prevent that from happening.”

Ed Swain, Vape Superstore


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