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Attendees sat down as host of the MENA Vape Awards 2024 starts the official awards ceremony at The Theater, Fairmont Hotel, Dubai.

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Celebrating Vaping Excellence in the Middle East and North Africa: The MENA Vape Awards 2024

By Katie Loomes 21st June 2024 4 Mins


The MENA Vape Awards returned for its highly anticipated third edition as the Middle East and North Africa vaping industry’s biggest night of the year.

The event took place at the prestigious The Theatre in Dubai’s Fairmont Hotel on Wednesday, June 12. This sold-out event celebrated the outstanding achievements of the top brands, products, and innovators in the MENA region.

The guests enjoyed a night of fine dining, delicious drinks and captivating performances from incredible acts, including acrobats, singers, and dancers that left the guests in awe.

Lebanese singer, actress and dancer, Dalida Khalil performs at The Theater, Fairmont Hotel, Dubai in front of MENA Vape Awards guests
Lebanese singer, Dalida Khalil performs at the MENA Vape Awards 2024

We were honoured to have Nick Einhorn as this year’s host. Nick is considered by many to be at the forefront of British magic, and he did a wonderful job hosting the night.

The MENA Vape Awards 2024 was attended by some of the biggest and upcoming names in the industry. This year, a total of 39 awards were presented, honouring the incredible achievements of the MENA vape industry over the past year.

Biggest winners of the night

FEELM Tech delegate on stage making a speech to the attendees of the MENA Vape Awards 2024 holding the Hall of Fame trophy
Hall of Fame winner FEELM

FEELM Tech, the market-leading brand in technology solutions, was honoured with this year’s Hall of Fame award. Renowned for its groundbreaking advancements in high-end atomisation technology, FEELM has completely transformed the vaping experience, with many brands – not just from the MENA sector – now opting for FEELM’s incredible technology inside their vape kits.

Yeti team collecting the Best New Brand award

This year’s Best New Brand award goes to Yeti, a brand from the highly acclaimed UK manufacturer Prohibition, who recently launched in the MENA region yearly this year. Having made a significant impact since its launch in the area, Yeti shows strong potential and will continue to thrive in the market. This brand is one to watch out for in the future.

Onz Vape, recipient of the Best Reviewer award

Onz Vape, the renowned vape reviewer from Egypt, was crowned as this year’s Reviewer of the Year. His YouTube channel, boasting an impressive subscriber base of 426K, has cemented his status as a leading figure in the vape industry. Renowned for his in-depth and engaging product reviews, Onz Vape’s channel has become one of the most influential and interactive platforms for the vaping community across the Middle East and beyond.

The Gold Bar team with their award for Best Branding and Marketing

The Best Branding and Marketing award for 2024 deservedly went to Gold Bar. Amidst fierce competition, Gold Bar has distinguished itself as a leader in the disposable vape market. Their innovative marketing tactics, paired with the sleek and luxurious product design of their vapes, have attracted millions of vapers globally, cementing their status as a highly coveted product in the industry.

Industry Leader winner, MYLÉ

The prestigious Industry Leader award for this year has been bestowed upon MYLÉ – one of the fastest-growing nicotine delivery systems on the global stage. This accolade underscores MYLÉ’s commitment to innovation and excellence in delivering a high-quality product that meets the needs of customers in the MENA region and worldwide looking for a safer alternative to smoking.

Geekvape collecting their award for Outstanding Contribution to the Vape Industry

Geekvape was honoured with the Outstanding Contribution to the Vape Industry award this year. Catering to a global customer base that surpasses 30 million users, Geekvape is dedicated to producing innovative products that provide a reliable and enjoyable user experience for vapers. Their unwavering commitment to intelligent manufacturing practices not only elevates industry standards but also positions them as a distinguished leader. This dedication to excellence makes Geekvape the ideal recipient of the award for the MENA region, reflecting its influence and achievements in the vaping market.

Inside the 2024 MENA Vape Awards gift bags

Attendees of the MENA Vape Awards 2024 were each presented with a gift bag worth over £100, as well as a reusable flask from Headline Sponsor, Monster Vape Labs. The gift bags were packed with premium vapes and various other goodies from brands such as Gold Bar, Geekvape, UWELL, Yalla, Yeti and Prime Bar.

exclusive green MENA Vape Awards 2024 gift bags with e-liquid, disposable vapes and pod vape kits displayed in front
MENA Vape Awards 2024 exclusive gift bag

Here’s a rundown of everything included in this year’s bags:

  • Geekvape Wenax Q
  • GEEK BAR 911
  • Geekvape Aromatherapy Tablet
  • UWELL Caliburn G3 Lite
  • UWELL Brewmaster 10ml E-liquid
  • Yalla Ultra 1000
  • Gold Bar 600
  • Yeti Ice Cube
  • Monster Vape Labs Jam Monster 50ml E-liquid
  • Monster Vape Labs Fruit Monster 30ml E-liquid
  • Prime Bar 8000
  • The CP 7000
  • An invitation to The Fest of Vape

The MENA Vape Awards 2024 was truly a night to remember for the industry, and we look forward to welcoming everyone for the fourth instalment next year!

If you are interested in getting involved with next year’s MENA Vape Awards and would like more information, please email



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