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Doozy Tropix Nic Salts Review

By Peach Atkinson 8th April 2022 4 Mins


The Doozy Tropix range includes five tropical flavours, available as a 50ml shortfill and a 10/20mg nic salt. We previously reviewed the shortfill e-liquids from the Doozy Tropix range, now it’s the turn of the nic salts.

How Do The Doozy Tropix Nic Salts Flavours Compare?

20mg nicotine salt bottle from Doozy Vape - Doozy Tropix Rio Nic Salt
Image Source: Doozy Vape Co


VG/PG – 50/50

Rio is a fantastic fusion of juicy yet crisp guava, sweet mangosteen and a strong undertone of cold citrus.

Mangosteen offers up a variety of flavours, best described as a mix of lychee, strawberry, pineapple and peach. This is blended with ripe, crisp guava and sharp and icy citrus, thus creating a congregation of exotic flavours, with a refreshing twist.

I found that the incredibly succulent and well-rounded notes amalgamated in a wondrous manner that was pleasant to vape.

The intricate flavour constituents and their unique properties have obviously been created with great care and a lot of research, this is echoed in the way this e-liquid tastes.

20mg nicotine salt bottle from Doozy Vape - Doozy Tropix Hawaii Nic Salt
Image Source: Doozy Vape Co


VG/PG – 50/50

One for the aniseed lovers here, this e-liquid involves a detailed and unusual combination of flavours.

Tart and sharp-tasting, the very present note of huckleberry comes across first when taking a puff.

The best way I can describe it would be a slightly sour blueberry that manages to grab your attention immediately.

Candied tones of blue raspberry then come along to mellow out the more potent huckleberry element. These fruity flavours are then compounded by warming aniseed and icy menthol.

The combination of warm and cold really sets this e-liquid apart from the rest and it was super easy to vape.

20mg nicotine salt bottle from Doozy Vape - Doozy Tropix Fiji Nic Salt
Image Source: Doozy Vape Co


VG/PG – 50/50

A personal favourite of mine, Fiji emanates a sweet and vivacious set of flavours.

Crisp and subtly effervescent fuji apple gives off a sweet and dulcet vibe that is complemented by a unique, but much welcomed, dash of cucumber.

Using cucumber in an e-liquid can be a risky gamble, but for me, the addition simply enhanced the flavour in a way that made it easy to enjoy.

Combined with an already calming but tasty collection of flavours, this e-liquid is then met with a smooth cucamelon. Cucamelon is a rather obscure fruit that also resembles cucumber in taste, but with a little more sweetness to it.

The choice to include both cucamelon and cucumber gave an extra dimension to the pleasantly complex flavour.

20mg nicotine salt bottle from Doozy Vape - Doozy Tropix Malibu Nic Salt
Image Source: Doozy Vape Co


VG/PG – 50/50

A completely tropical composition of fruits, this e-liquid manages to combine several powerful elements into the overall flavour.

Sweet pomegranate-derived grenadine presents a fruity but sugary base layer on which sour notes of tangerine can settle.

Then comes a smooth and creamy banana, giving a calming wave to the more dominant citrus.

The banana came across as incredibly lifelike and gave this flavour a unique edge.

A dash of ice is added as an undertone that gives this e-liquid a bit of a pop, without taking away from the fruity flavours.

Another interesting combination of tastes that work really well together, kudos to Doozy!

20mg nicotine salt bottle from Doozy Vape - Doozy Tropix Tahiti Nic Salt
Image Source: Doozy Vape Co


VG/PG – 50/50

Described as a blend of citrus and maracuya, Tahiti oozes tropical vibes.

Maracuya, another word for passionfruit, offers a powerful, sweet and zingy taste that I felt gave this e-liquid a strong platform to build upon.  

Bitter and sour ruby grapefruit is then added to the mix and gives this e-liquid a delicious and multifaceted flavour.

The match between the sweet, tangy maracuya and the sharp, fizzy grapefruit was clearly well concocted as they both complement and contrast one another at the same time.

As an overall flavour, I thoroughly enjoyed the sour and refreshing feel to this e-liquid and the fact that it was focused on powerful constituents, giving a full tasting and ripe set of flavours.

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