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Juice N Power – Power E-Liquid Range Review

By Peach Atkinson 25th January 2023 4 Mins


This review comes in two parts, one with me reviewing the three flavours in nicotine salt form and then again as high VG e-liquids.

Power Salts


  • VG/PG RATIO: 50/50
  • NICOTINE CONTENT: 10mg Salt Nicotine


Without doubt, this flavour was watermelon at its finest. The inhale was punchy and vibrant and the taste was wholly realistic.

Compared to other watermelon flavours I’ve tried in the past, this option from Juice N Power was leagues ahead, with the more natural notes elevating this liquid.

Following closely behind the layers of fruitiness, came a delightfully chilling kick of cooling agent which balanced out the liquid very nicely.


An interesting concoction of flavours, this combination of two rather floral elements made for an enjoyable and complex vape.

There was a curious interplay between the mellow and tart notes here, with the blueberry offering the staple flavours of a berry liquid with a unique twist.

During my time trying this e-liquid, I found the pomegranate element was definitely most noticeable, boasting an aromatic and well-rounded taste which left me satisfied.

I did not pick up on much in the way of menthol/cooling agent, which is something I felt could’ve brightened up the fruitier notes.


Vivacious and powerful, the grape flavourings used in this e-liquid exuded nostalgia and complexity.

Grape is often a flavour profile that can be notoriously difficult to execute but with the geniuses behind Juice N Power, I knew that wouldn’t be the case here.

The already bouncy notes of grape were livened up by a deep and consistent undertone of biting menthol and a sharp wave of cooling agent.

The proportions between the flavours were well thought out and created an easy to enjoy e-liquid that was so moreish I soon ran out.


Power 100ml Shortfills


  • VG/PG: 70/30

Having had the pleasure of trying out the following flavours in nicotine salt form, I was interested to see how they held up as a high VG e-liquid.

To test these flavours out, I decided to dig out my dual battery mod, my favourite RDA and some fresh cotton and coils.


I would say that the differences between this high VG e-liquid and its nicotine salt counterpart were minimal.

The watermelon was very lifelike and had a subtle sweetness to it, giving vapers a chance to enjoy this e-liquid without it becoming too much.

The ice was very noticeable and provided a wonderful addition to the already incredible flavour.

Both versions of the flavour were very enjoyable but I personally would say that the high VG version came across as much more complex.


Vastly more intense in flavour, there was no doubt in my mind that this e-liquid came across as being much stronger in taste.

I found that the main differences between the high VG and nicotine salt versions had to be that this one had notes of blueberry front and centre, whereas the other had pomegranate as the primary taste.

The blueberry was insanely punchy and had a strong feeling of sweetness as opposed to the tart and mild taste found in the nicotine salt form.


Bright and bouncy, this flavour was rather different when compared to its nicotine salt companion.

The grape still offered a powerful and consistent taste that was highly reminiscent of grape soda.

With a significantly less pronounced amount of cooling agent, to me the notes of grape were far more noticeable and vibrant.

Having said that, this e-liquid wasn’t completely devoid of iciness, and the small amount it offered was enough to complement the fruitier tones.

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