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Hiit Bar Shots E-Liquids Review

By Peach Atkinson 1st August 2022 4 Mins


In for review this week is the Hiit Bar Shots 10ml e-liquid collection from the brand Hiit. Each 10ml e-liquid has 20mg salt nicotine and a 50/50 VG/PG ratio, making them ideal for lower-powered pod devices or starter kits.

I was able to test six out of the ten flavours in the collection – Mango Ice, Blue Razz Lemonade, Peach Ice, Sour Apple Ice, Sweet Blueberry Ice and Watermelon Ice. Here’s what I thought of each flavour profile.

yellow hiit bar shot 10ml e-liquid bottle with black cap - mango ice flavour 20mg salt nicotine

Mango Ice

VG/PG: 50/50

20mg salt nic

Ripe and juicy yellow mango is combined with the sour edge of green mango to conjure a well-balanced and fresh vibe.

The yellow mango includes a pulpy and mellow feel and oozes the powerful and tropical taste found in the fruit itself.

Being more tart in flavour, the green mango gives off a perfect opposition to the sweetness found in the other mango notes.

The decision to combine two elements of the same flavour profile was obviously a good one, as it was extremely easy to vape and the added cooling element only boosts the e-liquid’s revitalising nature.

blue razz lemonade ice flavoured 20mg salt nicotine eliquid with black cap

Blue Razz Lemonade Ice

VG/PG: 50/50

20mg salt nic

Another icy e-liquid, blue raspberry lemonade flavours are one of my favourites.

The blue raspberry gives off strong, candy-like vibes that emanates a sour sensation on the tip of the tongue.

Lemonades can come across as sweet or sour but this manages to offer both a smooth sweetness and a sharp sourness simultaneously and I really enjoyed this unique take on a classic flavour profile.

Last, but not least,  when the powerful and biting hit of ice came into play, it gave the raspberry and lemon notes a platform on which to display their refreshing and fruity personas.

peach hiit bar shot 10ml e-liquid bottle with black cap - peach ice flavour 20mg salt nicotine

Peach Ice

VG/PG: 50/50

20mg salt nic

Immediately a bright blast of sweet peach was evident and had a strong springy fruitiness to it.

The peach flavouring mirrored the effervescent sweetness found in stone fruits and I loved the intense and frosty hit of ice on the exhale.

The overall flavour seemed to be extremely crisp and clear and was relatively simple in terms of individual flavour components and, because of this, my coils managed to last just that little bit longer when using this e-liquid.

green hiit bar shot 10ml e-liquid bottle with black cap - sour apple ice flavour 20mg salt nicotine

Sour Apple Ice

VG/PG: 50/50

20mg salt nic

The most noticeable sourness in a vape that I have tried to date, this flavour absolutely knocks all other sour flavours out of the park…easily.

Sourness is a notoriously difficult attribute to execute but this flavour managed to not only nail an unmatched sour sensation on my tongue but also brought a bright candy green apple into play.

This made it a recipe for deliciousness and as indicated by the name, there is also a sharp, but refreshing, hit of cooling agent, often found alongside fruity flavoured e-liquids.

I thoroughly enjoyed vaping this flavour and all of the sweet, sour and fruity tones that it entailed.

blue 10ml e-liquid bottle with black cap - sweet blueberry ice flavour 20mg salt nicotine

Sweet Blueberry Ice

VG/PG: 50/50

20mg salt nic

Blueberry e-liquids are one of the most distinct sets of flavours out there and are instantly recognisable by many vapers.

The blueberry notes in this flavour carry a subtle sweetness, making for a delightful and bouncy overall taste.

The flavour is opposite to the many dessert-based blueberry flavours which come across as deep, mellow and often with a coulis-esque taste.

In this e-liquid, however, the taste is similar to a blueberry candy or soft drink.

It has a really clear flavour that is complemented perfectly by the powerful and revitalising wave of iciness given by the added cooling agent.

I was surprisingly impressed when trying out this flavour, and fans of fruity e-liquids will no doubt be the same.

pink hiit bar shot 10ml e-liquid bottle with black cap - watermelon ice flavour 20mg salt nicotine

Watermelon Ice

VG/PG: 50/50

20mg salt nic

Another simple, yet effective, flavour where a blend of ripe watermelon is combined with a sweet, candy-like watermelon to provide a well-balanced mix of the two.

With its many sweet notes, Watermelon Ice (like Sour Apple Ice) also contains a fair amount of sourness that further accentuates the whole sweet/sour combination.

In addition to the potent and tropical feel of the watermelon, there is also an obvious introduction of ice right on the inhale that lasts through the whole vaping process.

I could really appreciate the incredibly tasty and incredibly clear flavour presented by this e-liquid and will be a hit with icy vapers for sure.

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