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Wick Salts Flavour Tech UK Review

By Peach Atkinson 21st June 2023 4 Mins



  • VG/PG : 50/50
  • Nicotine Strength: 9mg

Blue Rasp Lemonade

Bright, bold and devilishly delectable, this sweet lemonade flavour was a real treat to try. Melting the boundaries between sweet and sour, this e-liquid is complex and extremely well rounded.

I found that the blue raspberry element exuded a recognisable candy like vibe, having an intriguing but very much appreciated sugary undertone.

The sweetness offered by the blue raspberry is neatly offset by the swift burst of tart citrus, with an added touch of effervescence to boost the refreshing feel of this flavour.

I really enjoyed Wick Addiction’s careful input on this e-liquid, and it is certainly one of the best blue raspberry flavours I have tried over the years.

Apple Blueberry

Rather unique in nature, the combination of tart green apple and mellow blueberry was one I had yet to come across in my time as a vaper.

As I stated earlier, the notes of apple presented a set of crisp, sour and intricately proportioned flavours.

The softer blueberry layer kind of calmed down the more prominent apple, but still brought a level of sweetness to the table.

Due to this e-liquids simple but effective taste, it was super easy to vape without becoming overwhelmed or bored with the flavour over time.

It was a wonderful breath of fresh air when it comes to trying out a new flavour, and I am impressed by just how well it performed.

Cherry Cola

A flavour made in heaven, cherry cola is one of the most widely known and appreciated profiles out there.

This one combines the bright and deeply distinguishable taste of cola, mixed with a dash of fizziness and a wave of smooth sweetness.

Notes of cherry soon take over and give a soft nudge to the cola elements.

I felt that the flavour of this e-liquid seemed to be inspired more so by cherry cola bottle candies, rather than the Wick Salts Flavour Tech UK beverage, due to its effervescent, sweet and intensely sour nature.

In that respect, Wick Addiction has completely smashed it and has created an extremely lifelike flavour many will enjoy.

Raspberry Rhubarb

Another e-liquid that is not often encountered in the vape industry as of late, this delicate and floral flavour offers a pleasant and relaxed vaping experience.

Notes of rhubarb definitely take centre stage and give off a sweet and tangy aroma.

To me, it represented a somewhat botanical vibe, with no acidic or bitter aftertaste.

The addition of a mellow and shy raspberry gave an extra edge to the overall flavour, making a fantastically well rounded and easy to enjoy e-liquid.

I really fell in love with the carefully concocted proportions in this e-liquid and felt that a lot of thought went into this flavour.

Rainbow Candy

Clearly inspired by the iconic, brightly coloured candies, this flavour boasts realism and delectability all in one.

It incorporates a set of fruity flavours, combined with both sweet and sour modalities simultaneously.

The deep sweetness of this flavour is the key to its success and gives this e-liquid its instantly recognisable taste.

Despite its rich blend of fruity elements and its pronounced sweet nature, I found it exceedingly easy to vape and not once did I feel bored, overwhelmed or disappointed whilst puffing away.

There seemed to be just the smallest touch of cooling right when exhaling, something that is rather common within the vape industry right now – and something that was very much welcomed.

Lemon Meringue

Now time for an incredible dessert inspired e-liquid, this flavour knocks it out of the park.

Bright and citrusy lemon curd provides the top layer of this e-liquid, and regardless of its prominent lemon vibe, was not at all tart or sour. Following the bold lemon, comes a velvety smooth and fluffy creaminess.

The way that the lemon and cream interacted was mutually symbiotic in nature as they each offered one another a complimentary edge.

To round up the two busier profiles, a warm and crumbly pastry base brings about a solid and consistent flavour that seals the overall taste up nicely.

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