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Airscream AirsPops Pro pod system e-cigarette white and black device sat next to grey an black device


Airscream AirsPops Pro Review

By Peach Atkinson 19th October 2022 4 Mins


Originating in the UK, the AirsPops Pro from Airscream brings a whole new device to the table.

With a strong first impression, the AirsPops Pro looks and feels like what every pod system aspires to be.

Being neither too heavy nor too light, the AirsPops Pro still retains an aura of quality and careful craftsmanship and this is reflected in its stylish exterior.

Coming in a couple of colour options, I’ve been lucky enough to get the sleek black and white finish – definitely my go to colour choice for vape products.

Airscream AirsPops Pro specifications:

  • Battery capacity: 700 mAh
  • Working voltage: 3.7 V
  • Coil resistance: 1.0 Ohm
  • Tank capacity: 2 ml
  • Dimensions: 104.4 mm x 22.5 mm x 12 mm

airscream airpops pro white and black pod system vape device with external box

With a few external features, including a power ON/OFF button (five clicks to switch on or off), an activation light, a battery life indicator, an airflow hole and a USB-C charging port, this device is still super easy to operate.

Despite having a physical button, the AirsPops Pro is draw activated, so you just need to inhale on the mouthpiece to use this device.

The pod itself has a small rubber gasket for the fill port which is a dark, translucent colour to allow you to see how full the pod is.

Pods fit the standard, TPD-compliant 2ml capacity and I averaged at about 2-3 refills a day.

What is the battery life like?

The 700mAh built-in battery meant that I only had to charge this device once a day.

Battery life is indicated by three small lights on the side of the device, meaning you’ll know exactly when it’s time to pop your vape on charge.

How does the AirsPops Pro perform?

Throughout my time trialling this kit, and even on a hot day, there was no leaking, just a touch of condensation on the base of the pod which is magnetically attached to the device and fits precisely, with no looseness or rattling.

One of my favourite features is that it uses replaceable coil heads, rather than having to replace a whole pod. Not only does this reduce waste, but you can bulk buy coils making vaping more cost effective in the long run.

Utilising 1.0ohm coils, this kit works wonders with thin e-liquids as well as high-strength nicotine (It was incredible alongside 20mg nic salts) and despite not being sub-ohm, you could still really appreciate the strong flavours and intense throat hit.

I found that the AirsPops Pro had a very tight MTL inhale and closely resembled the inhale associated with smoking a cigarette (apart from the differently-shaped mouthpiece).

Paired up with a high-strength, tobacco flavoured e-liquid, it becomes easier to try and reduce your daily amount of cigarettes.

What is the design and build quality like?

The build quality was simply amazing and it even survived a substantial drop without so much as a scratch.

The magnetic pods remained in place and despite vaping consistently, they never became loose or unstable.

To say I was impressed would be a massive understatement. It was glaringly obvious that it will be the ideal choice for new vapers due to its tight inhale and strong nicotine throat hit, but even as a veteran vaper, I enjoyed using the AirsPops Pro.

Overall thoughts on the AirsPops Pro


  • Stylish
  • MTL Inhale will be perfect for smokers looking to quit
  • Replaceable Coils


  • I would have liked adjustable airflow control

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