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The Best Pre-Filled Vape Kits

By Staff Editor 23rd October 2020 3 Mins


Standard vaping devices allow you to re-fill with any liquid you choose. Devices like this are called “open systems” and generally open systems are what we recommend to new vapers, since they offer the best value and choice over time.

But if you have dexterity issues or simply want a plug-and-play experience that matches that of cigarettes, a pre-filled device (also known as a “closed system”) could be an attractive option.

Since closed devices are pre-filled with e-liquid, they tend to be more costly to run in the long term when compared with open systems. This is especially true of disposable devices, where the whole system is thrown away once its been depleted.

The up-front cost of closed systems tends to be low though, so they can still serve as a good introduction to vaping.

Here are our top picks for pre-filled vape kits.

Dot Pro

Dot Pro Tobacco vape

Price: £12.99

The Dot Pro is a collaboration between Liberty Flights and Vampire Vape.

This is a very simple pre-filled device that stands out for two reasons. Firstly, all of the pods are pre-filled with Vampire Vape e-liquids which are some of the UK’s most popular flavours and the selection on offer should cater to just about any transitioning smoker.

Secondly, Liberty Flights and Vampire Vape have combined their distribution networks to make sure that the device and its pods are widely available, which is essential with any pre-filled system.

The device itself, along with one pre-filled pod comes in at £12.99, which is quite reasonable.

Dinner Lady Disposable

Dinner Lady Disposable vape

Price: £14.99 (Pack of Three)

Instead of using a removable pre-filled pod, this system from multi-award-winning Dinner Lady is fully integrated. Simply remove the packaging and you can start vaping.

We like this device because it’s available in a wide range of critically-acclaimed flavours and can easily be stored as a back up in case your main device breaks or runs out of charge.

Although the running costs of this device are quite high at about £5 per day, this can still be a valid choice in the short term for a transitioning smoker. It can also be a good option for those who are travelling or attending events where they don’t want to risk losing a more expensive open system.

Vype Epen 3

Vype Epen 3 and pods

Price: £4.99

The Epen 3 is part of Vype’s current starter kit line up. It’s a simple closed system, with a larger than average built in battery that should last most users a full day of vaping, especially when using a high nicotine strength e-liquid.

Vype regularly runs promotions for new customers so you may be able to snap up this device with two pods for as little as £4.99.

Vype’s flavours aren’t quite as complex as those offered by Vampire Vape or Dinner Lady but if you enjoy simplicity, the price point is difficult to ignore.

Header Image by Sarah J. from Pixabay

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