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uwell caliburn gk2 pod system vape devices in black and red


Uwell Caliburn GK2 Pod Kit Review

By Alex Shenker 27th July 2022 4 Mins


Today we are taking a look at the newest member of the Caliburn family from Uwell, the Caliburn GK2.

I’ve had a lot of time and use with some of the other Caliburn kits so I’m very excited to be trying out the new model.

Device Specifications:

  • Size: 72.2×46.6×16.3mm
  • Output: 18W
  • Battery: 690mAh
  • Display: LED & vibrate
  • Capacity: 2ml
  • Charging: USB Type C
  • Coils: Caliburn G/G2

Let’s start off with the appearance. It’s a similar size and shape to previous models like the Koko Prime, but with slightly smoother edges and some awesome new colours.

Portability is the key word with the GK2 kit, weighing in at just over 45 grams, you barely know it’s in your pocket when you’re carrying it around.

It’s made out of a very durable zinc alloy material, very useful if you’re clumsy like me and drop your vapes a lot.

The included lanyard is also a very welcome addition, as I tend to lose my vapes as well so keeping it attached to me is preferable.

The side of the device features some bright light bars, in the classic Caliburn KOKO shape.

four vape pod kits from Uwell caliburn range - caliburn gk2 pod system in ribbon red, ocean flame, matte black and aurora green
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The lights flash and change colour as you vape as well as turning red when the device needs charging and green when it’s fully charged.

This will not be the best for stealth vapers out there as there doesn’t seem to be a way to turn them off.

Battery Life

The GK2 is powered by a 690mAh internal battery, which is charged via an included USB Type C cable.

In terms of battery life, I found it lasted a good few hours of vaping and also charged up very quickly, in around an hour or so. I never felt let down by the battery.

Is the Caliburn GK2 easy to use?

The GK2 couldn’t be simpler to use, there are NO buttons on the device, it is purely activated by a puff sensor.

No buttons also means no screen and so no adjustable wattage. The max wattage on the device is 18w and it will change depending which of the Caliburn G series coils you have installed.

How does the Caliburn GK2 perform?

Speaking of the coils, the kit includes a 0.8 and a 1.2 ohm coil, both of which provided me with good flavour and decent vapour production for such a small device.

That being said, this is definitely more of a MTL vape, and as such works best with 50/50 salt or freebase nicotine liquids and I’d avoid using anything thicker with these coils.

Changing the coils is very easy, you just pull the pod out of the device, find the coil on the bottom of the pod, pull the old one out and push the new one in.

Filling the 2ml pod is also simple and easy. It is done by pushing back on the mouthpiece until it is removed, and then pushing the bottle nib through a small red seal on the top of the pod.

I really like this system as it allows you to fill up without removing the pod from the device. Perfect for when you’re on the go, and a lot less messy than some other pod systems.

In terms of flavour, this device is a winner. I tried loads of different juices in there, salt and freebase and they all shone, for the whole length of the coil lifespan.

This is, in part, due to Uwell’s Pro-FOCS technology, which has a self-cleaning feature to help to keep the coil fresher for longer and improving the flavour you get.

Overall thoughts on the Caliburn GK2

The Caliburn GK2 is a fantastic device which is easy to recommend to experienced and new vapers alike.

The ease of use and simplicity are what makes it especially suitable for those new to vaping.

It’s ultra-lightweight and easy to carry around and I commend Uwell for making it so portable without sacrificing anything to get there.


  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Top filling pod
  • Reliable battery


  • Lights may be off-putting for stealth vapers

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