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By Peach Atkinson 2nd November 2022 3 Mins


After being lucky enough to try out this kit’s larger relative – namely the XROS 3 – I was interested to see how this smaller version would compete.


  • Dimensions: 23.6*13.8*99.2mm
  • Pod Capacity: 2ml
  • Battery Capacity: 1,000mAh
  • Charging: USB-C

XROS 3 compared to XROS 3 MINI

I would say the biggest difference came from how this kit was presented; it was noticeably smaller and, as a result, was even more pocket-friendly than the XROS 3.

Naturally, the MINI had a lighter weight and was more portable…though it should be noted that it still felt like a sturdy and substantial device.

This kit mirrored the rectangular shape and soft curved edges of the larger version and was a far more basic iteration of the XROS 3.

I really liked how uncomplicated it was, only featuring a USB-C charging port on the exterior.

Due to the lack of fire buttons, the MINI had an auto draw function which meant I only had to inhale to activate the device.

How long does the battery last on the XROS 3 MINI

The XROS 3 and the XROS 3 MINI both have a battery capacity of 1,000mAh and both enlist the use of USB-C fast charging.

When I was putting it through the paces, the MINI lasted for a day of regular vaping and recharged quickly.

Identical to the XROS 3, the battery level was displayed through different coloured LED lights on the base of the device.

The TPD compliant, 2ml pods were interchangeable between the XROS 3 and the XROS 3 MINI and were filled up through a small one-way valve under the mouthpiece.

This helped prevent leaking and overfilling, as well as reduced the level of condensation.

It worked best with thinner e-liquids that were about 50 percent VG; I used 20mg nicotine salts and have to say that the flavour was stunning.

The coils were prebuilt into each pod, so once they began to burn out – usually in a week or so, depending on several factors – it was time to chuck the whole pod away.

A discernible difference between this and the larger version was the lack of airflow controls to adjust the type of inhale.

To me, this was absolutely fine as it represented a true RDTL experience – my preferred method of inhalation.

Despite many, many similarities, I feel that the MINI version offers vapers a more streamlined set up while retaining many of the key features of the XROS 3.

I feel like this kit could suit just about any vaper out there, but particularly new vapers and smokers looking to make the switch.

It was so straightforward to operate and, when combined with high strength nicotine, could be great for keeping those cravings at bay.

VAPORESSO has crafted a wonderfully uncomplicated kit that ticks all of the relevant boxes when it comes to finding a vape that you can rely on, day in and day out.


  • Streamlined but impressive performance
  • Decent battery life
  • Incredible flavour and throat hit


  • I personally prefer replaceable coils as opposed to whole pods

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