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FEELM Max Disposable Vape Review

By Peach Atkinson 23rd May 2023 3 Mins


Showcasing the immensely impressive and innovative FEELM MAX ceramic coil, produced by industry leaders, FEELM, you can safely say that flavour and performance are at the very core of these disposables.

Designed to perfectly diffuse vapour evenly when inhaling, the flavour was exceedingly smooth and long lasting, with almost no flavour dissipation over time.

I felt that the whole experience was seamless and, quite frankly, deeply enjoyable.

FEELM Max disposable vape sample gift set with three flavours

FEELM Max Disposable Flavours

Kyoho Grape

Enthralling from the get go, the vibrant and bold notes of grape seemed to conquer my taste buds.

It was bright and emanated a strong candy-like texture, and still managed to come across as smooth and inviting.

For me, grape flavours can often be hit or miss, and it is my personal belief that this disposable is certainly a hit.

With just a touch of iciness when vaping, the level of refreshment that this device offers is both satisfying and easy to enjoy.

Thanks to the added dash of coldness, it remained fresh and I didn’t feel like it became dull or overly sweet, even after sustained periods of time.

Lemon Lime

An opulent mixture of sharp citrus fruits, this disposable has been designed to impress fans of powerful flavours, with an unmatched effervescence.

The rather simple combination of lemon and lime has been around for quite a while now within the vape industry, and with this example, it’s easy to see why.

Perfectly implemented, the ratio between the two gives a well balanced and straightforward taste.

As with the previous flavour, there was a minute, carefully proportioned amount of iciness, increasing the brightness of an already electrifying set of fruity notes.

I felt that despite the rather basic selection of flavour components, that simplicity worked in favour of this disposable and made it pleasant to vape.

Berry Ice

Another somewhat common flavour profile doing the rounds right now, ‘Berry Ice’ offers vapers a delicious and reliable vaping experience.

It manages to incorporate all of the hallmarks of a decent berry based flavour – sweetness, sourness and vibrancy

The rich selection of summer berries offers a striking and solid base that is both flavourful and almost interactive.

As a vaper, you will be able to appreciate the precise balance between soft sweetness and a tongue tingling wave of sourness, all whilst enjoying a true summertime vape.

Unlike the previous two disposables, there was a hefty undertone of cooling agent that was intense, sharp and invigorating.

With the vast presence of iciness, I personally felt that it made the berry notes a little more subdued, but that did not change the fact that I enjoyed this disposable immensely.

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