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zeus juice disposables range with new flavour cerberus


Zeus Juice Disposable Vape Review

By Alex Shenker 17th August 2022 4 Mins


Today I’m sampling the new and improved Zeus Juice disposable vape range.

Zeus Juice recently brought their disposable vape range back after it sold out in under a week, with 50% less plastic and a brand new flavour, Cerberus!

Zeus Juice Disposables Specification:

  • Puff capacity: 600
  • Tank: 2ml
  • Nicotine strength: 20mg salt nicotine
  • Battery capacity: 400mAH

I have tried most of these flavours before in e-liquid form, so I was keen to see how they translate over to disposables.

This is what I discovered:

dimpleberry ice disposable vape 20mg device with blue casing

Dimpleberry Ice Disposable

I’ve always enjoyed vaping Dimpleberry! It’s a really nice blend of different types of berries, menthol and a hint of eucalyptus that gives it a slight herbal edge.

It’s a super refreshing flavour that’s extremely easy to vape, with all of the sweet and sour berry notes combining beautifully. Then at the end we have icy cold menthol and eucalyptus creeping in to give the whole thing a soothing quality that’s hard not to love.

Dimpleberry Ice is one of Zeus’s most popular flavours and it’s easy to see why.

20mg strawberry and berries disposable vape from zeus juice with blue casing

Adonis Disposable

Well it is Summer at the moment and I think Zeus have bought out the perfect disposable vape to accompany the hot weather.

Adonis is a heady mix which predominantly features strawberry, with all of its sweetness and juiciness but it does not end there.

We have tangy raspberries and sugary sweet blueberries also in the mix which combine with the strawberry to provide an absolute berry fest!

All of these flavour complement each other perfectly and Zeus Juice has done a fantastic job of blending them all together.

black reloaded disposable vape 20mg device with purple casing

Black Reloaded Disposable

Black Reloaded is probably one of the most well known e-liquids in the entire Zeus line.

For those of you already familiar with this flavour, all that you need to know is that it works amazingly well in a disposable and that is all you need to know.

If you have not tried it, then Black Reloaded is a blackcurrant menthol, but that simple description doesn’t really do the flavour justice.

It is a complex flavour, with layers of different notes of blackcurrant and different levels of icy menthol, together with some slightly herbal hints that all blend together in to a mysterious and dark flavour that is, quite rightly, loved all over the world.

the black ice zeus juice disposable vape 20mg device with purple casing

The Black Ice Disposable

The Black Ice features all of the same complex flavours from Black Reloaded but with the menthol dialled all the way up to max!

This disposable will seriously take your breath away, not just with flavour but with sheer icy cool menthol goodness.

I definitely recommend giving this disposable a try if you like Black Reloaded, or if you are a fan of cold e-liquids who is looking for something to blow your socks off.

Vaping this is like standing on top of a mountain in winter and inhaling, whilst having blackcurrants lobbed at your face. It’s amazing!

cerberus disposable vape from zeus juice

Cerberus Disposable

The fruitiness continues with Cerberus! Featuring blood orange, a heavily under-utilised fruit in the vaping world and a gorgeous mixed fruit blend to tie it all together, it’s a difficult disposable vape to put down.

The spotlight here is definitely on the blood orange, with all of its citrus notes on display, and there are also some sweet marmalade-like hints to stop it from ever becoming too sour.

The mixed fruit is subtle in the background, but it definitely makes a difference to the overall flavour and rounds it out perfectly.

I really do think Zeus Juice are masters of fruit flavours and they’ve smashed it out of the park once again with Cerberus.

cherry menthol disposable vape called vermillion from zeus juice

Vermillion Disposable

Last, but not least, we have Vermillion.

Featuring the simple, yet effective, mix of cherry and menthol, it’s a classic combination that is loved by so many vapers across the world.

Of course Zeus Juice has done this combo justice with Vermillion. The cherry flavour is absolutely stunning, tasting like the real fruit without a hint of artificial or chemically-tasting cherries that plague so many similar vapes.

It has all of the sweetness and tanginess you’d expect, and the menthol is the perfect dance partner, sending clouds of vape pirouetting across your tastebuds.

Honestly 600 puffs will never be enough of Vermillion, I need more and I need it now!

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