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By Alex Shenker 9th January 2023 3 Mins



  • Battery capacity – 650mAh
  • Puff count – Up to 3,500
  • Nicotine – Zero Nic
  • E-liquid capacity – 12ml
  • Charging – USB-C


Nicotine Free Disposable Vape

Despite a lack of nicotine, I have to say these devices from FlerBar delivered a satisfying vaping experience.

This is likely due to the new HRTP technology incorporated in the Baymax devices, which is intended to provide a similar effect to nicotine-containing alternatives.

I was very impressed with the hit I got as it did feel like I was vaping a nicotine product…and the delicious flavours were certainly a bonus. For this review, I tried five of the flavour options available.


Flerbar Baymax Flavours


A fairly self-explanatory flavour, it’s safe to say if you like passion fruit this is definitely going be a good choice as the flavour was absolutely bang on. It tasted exactly like the real thing; a fresh, ripe passion fruit with all of the tangy, sour notes you’d expect…plus a few hints of sweetness to take the edge off. The ice element was quite punchy as well and held its own against the strong fruity flavour.


Next up was the Pink Watermelon; an enjoyable flavour that was definitely a fair bit sweeter than traditional watermelon e-liquids. The initial puff gave a good hit of fruit, not too sweet or sour, which was soon joined by a sweet candy hit that I personally loved. I think the two flavours work really well together as watermelon sweets are some of my favourites…if you’ve got a sweet tooth like me give this one a go.


Another one of my go-to favourites, this was an absolutely fantastic example of the Banana Ice flavour. The banana was sweet and creamy with what tasted like the slightest hint of custard in the background. The ice in the background cooled everything down and gave the effect of drinking a banana milkshake. I kept it on charge and enjoyed each and every one of the 3,500 puffs…now it’s all gone and I’m sad.


Grape is one of those flavours I always enjoy, but never usually choose over flavours like watermelon or banana. Having tried this offering from FlerBar I think I might be a grape convert, as it was ridiculously fruity and sweet without ever becoming sickly and incredibly moreish. If you’re on the fence about grape vapes like I was, give this one a go and you may just land the right side of it.


Last but not least from these fantastic Baymax 3500 disposables was Blueberry Ice. As with all the other flavours, the blueberry was extremely accurate and ripe tasting, with each puff full of the juicy, sweet flavour you’d expect from a premium vape liquid. The ice was also a worthy partner, cooling the vape down and keeping it from ever becoming one dimensional. I can happily recommend all of the flavours I’ve tasted from FlerBar, I really feel like they have something for everyone.

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