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Flonq Plus E (+e) Disposables Review

By Alex Shenker 31st October 2023 9 Mins


Flong Plus E device specifications

  • E-Liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine: 20mg/ml
  • Battery Power: 400mAh
  • Mesh Coil
  • Plastic & Battery Recycling


Flonq Plus E flavour range

The Flonq Plus E disposable vape range has been created with 14 distinct flavours to choose from.

I had the opportunity to try out each one. Here is what I thought…


Fresh Melon

flonq plus e fresh melon disposable vape

Fresh Melon is delightful, with its vibrant, juicy, and subtly sweet profile, it’s like biting into a ripe, sun-kissed melon on a hot summer day.

The initial burst of flavour is a perfect balance of sweetness and natural melon essence, which instantly invigorates the taste buds.

It captures the essence of a perfectly ripe melon, delivering a juicy, crisp sensation that’s incredibly true to nature.

The aftertaste is clean and lingers just long enough to savour the deliciousness, leaving a pleasant, fruity note on the palate.

Overall, I really enjoyed Fresh Melon from Flonq and it’s easy to recommend to everyone!


Apricot Mango Peach

flonq plus e apricot mango peach disposable vape

Apricot Mango Peach is a delightful and harmonious blend of three of nature’s sweetest and most succulent fruits.

From the first taste, it’s evident that this flavour embodies the perfect combination of apricot, mango, and peach, delivering a refreshing and well-balanced experience.

What’s truly impressive about this combination is the way the individual fruit flavours shine through while also melding seamlessly.

It’s as if each fruit has been perfectly ripened, and their flavours harmonize with a natural, mouth-watering synergy.

I absolutely adored this flavour and recommend it to anyone looking for a nice fruity all-day vape.


Peach Ice

flonq plus e peach ice disposable vape

Peach ice is a cool and invigorating sensation that combines the sweet and juicy essence of ripe peaches with a refreshing blast of icy chill.

From the first inhale, this flavour offers a delightful juxtaposition of fruity sweetness and crisp, cold menthol-like undertones, making it perfect for those who seek a unique and revitalizing puff.

This flavour is particularly well-suited for hot summer days, as it offers a respite from the heat, instantly refreshing the palate.

It’s an excellent choice for those who enjoy the contrast between the warmth of the peach and the icy coolness, creating a balanced and memorable flavour profile.

Flonq have absolutely knocked it out of the park with this one and I’d highly recommend giving it a go.


Rainbow Candy

flonq plus e rainbow candy disposable vape

Rainbow candy is a whimsical and vibrant taste experience that conjures up memories of childhood sweets and a kaleidoscope of colours.

This flavour is like a delicious journey through a candy store, offering a delightful medley of fruity, tangy, and sugary notes in one delightful package.

The initial burst of flavour is a sweet and tangy sensation that instantly transports you to a world of confectionery delights.

It’s an amalgamation of various fruit flavours like cherry, lemon, orange, and berry, all intertwined to create a complex and multi-layered taste that is reminiscent of popular rainbow-coloured candies.

What makes this flavour particularly enjoyable is its playful and nostalgic quality…it evokes a sense of joy and fun, making it a favourite among those who appreciate the sweeter things in life.

It’s the perfect tool for satisfying a sweet tooth or adding a pop of fun to your everyday vapes.


Watermelon Ice

The watermelon element in this disposable vape from Flonq is authentic and vibrant, capturing the natural sweetness of a ripe watermelon.

It’s like biting into a freshly sliced, perfectly ripened fruit, providing a satisfyingly juicy and sweet taste.

The addition of the icy undertone adds a layer of coolness, delivering a refreshing sensation that instantly awakens the senses.

From the first taste, this flavour offers a harmonious blend of sweet and crisp, making it a delightful choice for those seeking a revitalizing and well-balanced vape.

It’s a classic flavour in the world of vaping but one that’s well-loved for a reason, and this is an excellent example of it.


Pink Lemonade

flonq plus e pink lemonade disposable vape

Pink Lemonade from Flonq beautifully captures the essence of a classic summertime beverage.

This flavour is a delightful blend of zesty, tart lemons and sweet, ripe berries, resulting in a mouth-watering and well-balanced vaping experience that’s both refreshing and satisfying.

The initial draw of the pink lemonade vape is a burst of tangy lemon, providing a crisp and citrusy kick that awakens the taste buds.

It’s quickly followed by the sweetness of berries, which adds a delightful, fruity complexity to the profile.

The combination of these flavours creates a complex and layered taste that mimics the iconic drink.

Overall, its vibrant, fruity profile makes it a top choice for vapers who enjoy the perfect blend of tangy and sweet, providing a satisfying and nostalgic vaping experience.


Exotic Yoghurt

flonq plus e exotic yoghurt disposable vape

Exotic Yoghurt is an intriguing and tantalizing flavour that marries the creamy, tangy essence of yoghurt with a medley of exotic and tropical fruits.

This flavour is a delightful journey through a tropical paradise, offering a harmonious blend of creamy and fruity notes that create a unique and satisfying vaping experience.

The initial inhale introduces you to the smooth and velvety yoghurt base, which is both rich and slightly tangy, providing a luscious foundation for the flavour profile.

As you continue to vape, the exotic fruits come into play, with hints of mango, pineapple, passion fruit, and other tropical delights, infusing a delightful sweetness and complexity to the mix.

This is a vape that I really enjoyed and I highly recommend it to anyone looking for something a little bit different!


Coconut Raspberry

flonq plus e coconut rasberry disposable vape

Coconut Raspberry artfully combines the tropical essence of coconut with the tart sweetness of ripe raspberries.

This flavour is a refreshing and exotic journey that provides a delicious blend of creamy and fruity notes, creating a unique and satisfying vaping experience.

The initial inhale brings you the creaminess of coconut, which is lush, nutty, and slightly sweet.

As you continue to vape, the raspberry elements start to shine, introducing a burst of tangy and juicy berry goodness.

The interplay between these two flavours is remarkable, offering a perfect balance between the tropical and the fruity.

I am a massive fan of anything coconut so this was an absolute treat for me, I only wish it lasted longer!


Cola Ice

flonq plus e cola ice disposable vape

Cola ice is a refreshing and nostalgic flavour that combines the classic taste of cola with a cool menthol kick.

This flavour offers a delightful blend of sweet, fizzy cola and a refreshing icy finish, providing a vaping experience that’s both invigorating and satisfying.

The initial hit of the bar gives a burst of authentic cola flavour, reminiscent of the well-known soda.

It’s sweet, effervescent, and instantly recognizable, bringing a wave of nostalgia to your taste buds.

As you continue to vape, the menthol-like ice element kicks in, adding a layer of coolness and rejuvenation to the experience.

What makes this flavour particularly enjoyable is its balance between the sweetness of cola and the crispness of the ice.

It’s like sipping on a cold cola over a glass full of ice cubes on a hot summer day, making it a guaranteed favourite for anyone who appreciates the contrast between the warm and the cold.



flonq plus e blueberry disposable vape

Blueberry is a classic and beloved flavour in the world of vapes, encapsulating the essence of ripe blueberries in a vaping experience.

This flavour is a delightful journey through a berry-filled orchard, offering a genuine and satisfying burst of fruity sweetness.

This love letter to the humble berry Is like biting into a handful of freshly picked, sun-ripened blueberries, with their unique balance of tartness and sweetness.

The authentic blueberry taste shines through, making this a sure hit for us vapers who appreciate the simplicity of single-fruit flavours.

Its authentic and straightforward profile is perfect for vapers seeking a pure and satisfying vaping experience, with the sweet essence of this beloved berry taking centre stage.


Mint Ice

flonq plus e mint ice disposable vape

Sometimes you need something simple and refreshing to break up all of the different fruity flavours and that’s where Mint Ice steps in to really clear the palate.

The initial inhale of Mint Ice introduces you to the refreshing and slightly peppermint-like mint flavour.

As you continue to vape, the menthol undertone becomes prominent, delivering a rush of icy coolness that’s incredibly satisfying, especially on a hot day.

What makes this flavour particularly enjoyable is its simplicity and purity. It’s a true representation of mint and menthol, offering a refreshing and soothing quality that provides an excellent palate cleanser.


Sour Apple

flonq plus e sour apple disposable vape

Sour Apple is a tantalizing and unique e-liquid flavour that captures the essence of tangy, green apples in a vaping experience.

This flavour offers a delightful and mouth-puckering combination of sourness and sweetness, creating an overall flavour that’s bold and bright.

It’s a bold and mouth-watering burst of sourness that’s balanced by the natural sweetness of the apple, making it akin to biting into a crisp Granny Smith apple.

The flavour is bold and refreshing, leaving a tingling sensation on the taste buds.

What makes this flavour particularly enjoyable is its audacious and robust profile.

It’s perfect for vapers who seek a vibrant and exciting vaping experience that awakens the senses with its sour punch.


Strawberry Kiwi

flonq plus e strawberry kiwi disposable vape

The initial hit of Strawberry Kiwi transports you to the familiar, juicy sweetness of strawberries.

As you continue to vape, the kiwi comes into play, providing a tart and tropical contrast that complements the strawberry beautifully.

It’s also a true representation of the classic strawberry and kiwi combination, creating a delightful interplay of flavours that’s both familiar and exotic.

It’s a classic combination for a reason and Flonq have done an excellent job of bringing this flavour into a sleek disposable vape.


Passion Fruit Guava

flonq plus e passion fruit guava disposable vape

Passion Fruit Guava is an exotic and tropical flavour that marries the rich, sweet tartness of passion fruit with the vibrant, tropical notes of guava.

This flavour offers a captivating journey through a lush paradise, creating a vaping experience that’s both intriguing and satisfying.

As I took my first puff I was hit with the intense and sweet-tart flavour of passion fruit, which provides a bold and exhilarating burst of tropical goodness.

It’s swiftly followed by the guava’s ripe, juicy presence, infusing the mix with a tropical sweetness that balances the tangy passion fruit perfectly.

It’s a classic mix of sweet and sour flavours that keeps it from ever becoming boring or sickly.

Both of the fruits have been lovingly recreated by Flonq and are extremely well combined to create a balanced and moreish overall flavour profile.


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