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BOU SOFT B4500 Disposable Review

By Peach Atkinson 11th November 2023 8 Mins



  • Puff Count: 4500
  • puffs Liquid: 12 ml
  • Nic Content: 0%
  • Coil: Mesh Coil, 1.2 ohm
  • Charging Method: Type C


Passionfruit Mango Ice 

This flavour offers a bright selection of fruity tastes and combines the tropical sweetness of mango with the exotic and tangy edge of passionfruit. 

With a fairly sharp hit of ice, this cooling undertone provides a refreshing, cold sensation when you inhale. 

The classic combination of fruit and cooling is super popular, and this disposable displays a perfect rendition of how well it can be achieved. 

This disposable brought together a truly enjoyable blend of flavours, and the end result is a beautifully complex, fruity, and refreshing vaping experience that will be loved by many. 


Strawberry Watermelon Ice 

Bringing a wealth of fruitiness to the table, this beautiful blend of flavours not only impresses but also delivers a satisfyingly smooth hit. 

Encompassing the iconic richness of strawberry and pairing it with a strong, sweet watermelon that is devilishly decadent, you can expect a boisterous, intense, and moreish taste. 

The fact that this disposable includes a powerful minty undertone simply boosts the refreshing feel that this disposable offers. 

I found that the interaction between the fruity notes and the cooling agent worked well against each other, in the fact that the iciness brought a vivacious feel to the already bright, fruity elements. 


Blueberry Raspberry Ice 

A flavourful combination often found in disposable vapes, this profile seamlessly blends the tangy but softly sweet notes of blueberries with mellow, earthy raspberries. 

The addition of ice accurately indicates a strong, cooling element that provides a chilling sensation when vaping. This fantastic combination results in a fruity, refreshing, and boldly icy flavour that will appeal to die hard icy fans, who can also appreciate the full-on fruitiness.  Although not a flavour I would typically opt for, I really enjoyed the intensity of this disposable and its capacity to impress. 


Kiwi Passionfruit Guava Ice 

Delightful and exotic, this flavour profile is an unequivocal leader in the world of disposables. This rendition combines the zesty and rather tangy essence of kiwi with the tropical sweetness of passionfruit, which is then compiled with a punchy and exotic guava. 

With a cool, minty undertone, this disposable delivers a refreshing and icy kick with each puff.

The expertly concocted combination of these three fruity flavours creates a harmoniously executed set of modalities, ranging from the tartness of kiwi to the sweetness of guava to the punchiness of passionfruit. 

Adding to the already bright set of fruity notes, the soothing, cooling sensation gave this disposable a complexity that makes this a compelling choice for any vaper who enjoys an invigorating vaping experience. 


Pomegranate Juice Blackcurrant Lemon 

An exciting fusion of unique, fruity flavours, this disposable is as refreshing as it is different. Marrying a set of intense flavours, including pomegranate, blackcurrant, and lemon, this disposable is guaranteed to amaze. 

Pomegranate brings about a touch of tartness, while notes of blackcurrant add depth, sweetness, and a sense of realism. 

Encompassing these two elements is a refreshing and tangy twist of lemon. 

The decision to include a powerful citrus edge brought a revitalising feel to the overall flavour, giving it a truly enjoyable vibe. 

Vapers who can appreciate complexity and vibrancy will find that this flavour ticks all of the boxes, and then some. 


Strawberry Ice 

Blissfully simple but elegantly executed, this disposable offers an utterly delightful vaping experience. Enlisting the bright, sweet, and rather relaxed vibe of candied strawberries, their notes are quite mellow in comparison to the arctic iciness. 

Super well known in the vape industry, strawberry ice flavours can vary greatly in how well they are constructed as well as how enjoyable they can appear to some. 

I would have to say that this is a wonderful example to start on, and even with its simple nature, it doesn’t feel boring or repetitive. 

As with many in this line of disposables, vapers of fruity and/ or cold flavours will also relish the taste of this intensely well-crafted portrayal. 


Peach Pineapple Lime

Another distinctive interpretation of a not often seen collection of flavours, Peach Pineapple Lime is a vibrant and tropical experience from the get-go. 

This enticing blend combines the sweet, juicy notes of ripe Georgia peaches with the tangy, tropical edge of pineapples. 

The choice to include notes of zesty lime simply enhances the overall profile, adding a refreshing and tart twist to the table. 

I found that vaping this flavour was like a tropical vacation for my tastebuds, and the succulent sweetness of peaches, the tropical punch of pineapples, and the zesty kick of lime created a perfectly balanced and enlightening vaping experience. 


Double Apple Ice 

Captivating from the start, this flavour, loved by the masses, delivers an iconic, crisp, and perfectly proportioned blend of two popular apple varieties. 

As indicated by this disposable’s name, there is a hefty chunk of cooling agent wedged in, giving a refreshing base layer. 

Vaping ‘Double Apple Ice’ is realistic in the sense that it is like biting in to a combination of sweet, juicy red apples while simultaneously enjoying a tart, crisp Granny Smith green apple.

These already bright and summery notes are then revitalised even further by a burst of intense iciness, giving the overall flavour a vibrant and moreish kick. 


Mountain Spring Mint Ice

Boasting an incredibly invigorating set of flavour ingredients and a brilliantly refreshing experience, Mountain Spring Mint Ice brings a wonderful iciness to the table. 

Initially providing a bright and bold burst of sinus-tingling menthol, you can already begin to appreciate the depth of this flavour. 

Following on from the intensity provided by the traditional menthol taste comes a touch of sharp, cool sweetness delivered by peppermint—not unlike a peppermint candy cane. 

Introducing a mild, equally as sweet and slightly herbal edge comes a smidge of spearmint that perfectly complements the more powerful notes. 

Rounding up this incredibly cold blend of tastes comes a soothing undertone of cooling agent, creating the ideal vape for any mint or menthol fan. 


Strawberry Kiwi Ice

A mouth-watering blend delivering a cacophony of flavours and sensations, this disposable carefully combines the succulent sweetness of strawberries with the tropical allure of kiwi fruit. 

The addition of ice provides a refreshing icy element, guaranteed to create an exhilarating experience with every exhale. ‘Strawberry Kiwi Ice’ perfectly encapsulates the essence of a chilled fruit medley, recreating the ideal balance between sweet and sour with the invigorating sensation of frosty mint. 

Because of this, I feel that this flavour will be a clear choice for those who crave cold, fruity delights, with no chance of getting overwhelmed by the powerful elements in this disposable. 


Watermelon Ice

A simple but tropical concoction, this disposable captures the very essence of a summertime treat. Imagining biting in to a crisp, juicy watermelon slice, they have perfectly replicated the realistic feel of this flavour. 

The watermelon flavouring used in this disposable is succulent, ripe, and juicy, and it has blown me away at how similar it tastes to the real thing. The initial burst of sweet watermelon is immediately followed by a chilly, rejuvenating sensation that leaves you wanting more.

To me, it kind of came across as a cold, icy, and freshly blended watermelon juice, instantly transporting me to a faraway beach somewhere in the tropics. 

This nostalgic feel really brought this flavour to life, and I’m sure others will agree.


Blackberry Ice 

A wonderfully tantalising fusion of sweet and tart notes, complemented by an icy sensation, this disposable brings a rather simple set of flavours together in perfect fashion… picking the very best notes on which to focus. 

Immediately, your attention will be drawn to the rich, natural sweetness of ripe blackberries, bursting with flavour and life. 

This is then followed by a bracing twist of ice, giving a cool and icy exhale. 

This disposable was a seamlessly balanced blend of fruity sweetness and invigorating coldness, making it an excellent choice for those who seek simplicity and vibrancy. 


Grape Ice 

Beautifully balancing the natural sweetness of candied grapes with a refreshing chill, it’s easy to see that this flavour will be a hit. 

Bursting with candy-like vibes, the sugary feel of the grape closely replicates that of grape bubble gum. 

Capturing that iconic taste, this disposable then elevates the level of refreshment by adding a hefty dose of iciness, introducing a frosty, minty undertone. 

Although quite often seen within the industry, this profile has been executed flawlessly in this case and is one of the better renditions I’ve tried. 

Being a delightful combination of bright fruitiness and invigorating coolness, it will be a popular choice for vapers who relish the sweet and punchy taste of grapes with a crisp, icy twist.


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