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geek vape x paris saint germain co branded vape products


GEEKVAPE Launched PSG Co-Branded Products For the First Time in the Industry

By Geekvape 16th February 2022 3 Mins


On February 15, Paris Saint-Germain defeated Real Madrid in the first leg of the Champions League at Parc des Princes. Mbappe’s mercurial stoppage-time winner gave PSG a deserved 1-0 win over hapless Real Madrid.

On the same day, GEEKVAPE, a global high-end vaping brand, held the ‘SHAPE THE FUTURE’ new product launch in Paris, France, officially launching three new Paris Saint-Germain Editions products: Geekvape S100, Geekvape 1FC, and Obelisk 65FC. GEEKVAPE became the first brand in the vaping industry to venture onto an international football field, capturing the attention of fans worldwide.

The partnership between Paris Saint-Germain and GEEKVAPE has been widely publicized since it was announced. These much-anticipated vaporizers have finally come to market.

geek vape spokesperson live on GeekVape's youtube live stream Shape The Future at the paris saint-germain football stadium

GEEKVAPE has raised the bar for mod, pod mod, and pod product design. Each of the three vaporizers is painted in a French blue hue. The exquisite leather is chic and elegant, and the relief of the French royal emblem Le Fleur de Lys is consistent. The PSG logo is located in the middle with two red and white ribbon patterns extending to the edge. While lamenting their ingenious design concepts and exquisite details, these three vaporizers also reflect their ultimate pursuit of performance. Geekvape S100 adopts the 2nd Generation of Geekvape Tri-proof Technology, the first fast-charging vape pen – Geekvape 1FC, which allows fully charged in 15 minutes and advanced vape technology applied in the first fast-charging pod mod – Obelisk 65FC.

geek vape and paris saint germain branded vape products - Geekvape S100, Geekvape 1FC, and Obelisk 65FC

However, the rights and interests of the collaboration go beyond this. GEEKVAPE has a unique GEEKFAMS VIP lounge in Parc des Princes, and their valued clients will be invited to enjoy a VIP viewing experience. GEEKVAPE will also distribute autographed PSG merchandise on occasion, and GEEKFAMS will have the chance to become Geek Ambassadors and be invited to the stadium to meet the players up close and personal.

As we all know, the entire industry is struggling this year due to the influence of COVID-19. Despite numerous obstacles, the GEEKVAPE team has achieved outstanding results.

In 2021, GEEKVAPE continued to consolidate the position of the best brand in BOX MOD, and GEEKVAPE’s product system was more than that. This year, GEEKVAPE entered the pod and disposable market, realizing the full category layout of three categories and five series. They also gained industry media and partner recognition. GEEKVAPE received numerous international awards from the prestigious Vapouround Awards and Ecig Annual Awards.

GEEKVAPE’s global sales network now covers over 60 countries and regions and has maintained rapid growth for five consecutive years. More and more smokers are now turning to GEEKVAPE Products, and its technologies are being adopted by an increasing number of partners. Launching co-branded products with PSG is a historic move this time around. Furthermore, this is a significant step toward reviving the vaping industry.

geekvape official partnership with paris saint germain promotional artwork featuring the the paris saint germain football stadium

For a long time, GEEKVAPE has been at the forefront of the vaping industry, constantly striving to create better products for its customers and pursuing the ultimate product and technology concept. In addition to creating a more diverse brand culture, this bold and innovative effort also increased its brand influence around the world.

“By collaborating with Paris Saint-Germain, we are able to incorporate life and sports themes, resulting in a more diverse brand culture that inspires people’s passion for life and the pursuit of a better and higher quality of life,” said Potti, GEEKVAPE’s marketing director.

Not only does GEEKVAPE exemplify the pinnacle of intelligent manufacturing, but also the allure of competitive sports and the brand concept of unwavering pursuit of excellence. GEEKVAPE is on the verge of breaking out on the global stage in the near future.

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