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Aspire Vilter in red, champagne and grey


Aspire Vilter Kit Review

By Alex Shenker 27th August 2021 3 Mins


Aspire Vilter Kit Review

Aspire Vilter Specifications:

  • Weight – 31g
  • Dimensions – 11*2.2*1.3 cm
  • Capacity – 2ml
  • Coil resistance – 1.0ohm
  • Battery capacity – 450mAh


For a lot of people looking to make the switch, replicating the feel they get from smoking is usually the biggest challenge.

I believe Aspire have created a simple, yet effective, solution for new starters who want to steer clear of cigarettes.

The Aspire Vilter Kit is, at its core, a small pod system, sporting a 450mAh battery and sleek alloy body.

It looks and feels like a premium product, but also offers a discreetness too – perfect for any new vaper.

Inside the box there is a Vilter Kit, one pre-installed pod, a charging cable, instructions and two paper filter drip tips.

The innovative drip tips simply slot into the top of the pod, offering a nice, tight draw and high-quality experience.

The pod itself is extremely easy to work with, neatly snapping in and out of the battery with ease, even being filled via a decently-sized port located at the bottom.

Unfortunately, these are disposable pods with no option to change the coil, so you will have to purchase some spares.

Although, there’s no need to fret, as I easily got a few weeks out of the 1.0-ohm coil (even with some pretty heavy use).

I would quite like to see a version of the Vilter Kit that uses replaceable coils, as it does feel a bit wasteful throwing the pod away every time the coil burns out.

  • Aspire Vilter in champagne colour review

The Aspire Vilter charges via a USB Type-C port and I found the charging time to be around one hour from flat to full which is definitely a huge plus.

Despite only having a 450mAh battery, I was easily able to get around half a day of heavy vaping out of it.

A simple honeycomb-shaped LED on the front of the device lets you know when to charge and when the device is ready to go.

I definitely recommend using 50/50 e-liquids with the Vilter Kit, as any thicker than that and I doubt the coil would be able to keep up.

The flavour was absolutely bang on and the tight draw combined with the paper drip tips and a nice tobacco e-liquid was the closest any vape has ever come to replicating a cigarette for me.

To sum up, I believe the Aspire Vilter Kit is the current benchmark for starter kits; it’s small and lightweight, sleek and stylish and super easy to use.


  • Innovative new paper drip tips
  • Easy to use
  • Fast Charging


  • Would like to see a version with replaceable coils rather than a throwaway pod


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