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Aspire Rhea


Aspire Rhea Review

By Staff Editor 4th May 2021 4 Mins



  • Dimensions : 89*47*38mm
  • Wattage Range : 1-200W
  • Battery : 2 x 18650 (not included)
  • Display : 0.96” TFT colour screen
  • Charging : USB Type C 2A

Since its inception, Aspire has consistently released high-quality devices. These range from simple pen types, all the way up to mods such as the 200W Rhea, of which I am reviewing today.

The Rhea, a chunky and robust-looking mod, has an industrial feel to it. The colour is mainly matte black, with rubberised edges and faux suede leather accents on the sides and to the rear.

Bearing this in mind, Aspire has intended to create a shock-proof exterior to withstand even the clumsiest of folk. Batteries are inserted into the base of the mod, with a lockable hinged door that also indicates the correct orientation of the battery cells.

The front of this mod features a discreet, yet durable, fire button, a ‘-‘ and ‘+’ button and a button labelled ‘M’ for Mode. The full-colour TFT screen measures 0.96” and I found that the clarity of numbers, letters and symbols were surprisingly crisp and easy to read – even without my glasses! The screen displays a collection of information including vaping stats, a puff counter and a dual battery indicator.

Below the buttons and screen, there is a USB Type C port, designed to support super-fast 2A charging, although I always suggest charging batteries externally where possible.

The user interface is what you’d expect from Aspire. It allows vapers to adjust wattage and/or voltage. The Rhea also features temperature control vaping as well as a Bypass mode. I found that using the Bypass mode really enhanced the way I vaped and the hit was intense and fulfilling.

A few subtle touches, such as a choice of colour themes, brightness adjustments and a puff counter made this mod even more enjoyable to use.

The time it took from pressing the fire button to the coils heating up was instantaneous and I felt that the button itself was exceptionally responsive.

The Rhea has a 510 connection that supports most types of atomisers up to a 28mm diameter. The different mode capabilities are what made the Rhea stand out for me. Bypass vaping is my preferred method and I would especially recommend it for RDA/RTA/RDTA users.

Sure it’s a little chunky, but this mod can also be an ideal choice for sub ohm users who covet a long-lasting battery life and a reliable high wattage performance. It can be easily paired up with many of the top tanks that are currently on the market. You can really push them to their limits, receiving the ultimate vaping experience.

Although I’ve never used it that high, the wattage range on this mod goes all the way up to 200W, placing it on the upper end of the spectrum when compared to other dual battery devices. When using a sub ohm tank, I stuck around the 60 Watt mark even though my coils were recommended up to 80 Watts. I still had great flavour and clouds, and the batteries lasted almost two whole days of consistent vaping.

Due to its easy to operate nature, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to vapers of all levels, even newcomers looking to venture into the world of sub ohm vaping.

The Rhea runs an innovative ASP chipset that not only supports a host of intelligent adjustment features, but also enlists several safety precautions such as short circuit protection, low voltage protection and overheat protection to name a few, ensuring a safe and hassle-free way to vape.

The Wrap

All in all, I was very impressed with the Aspire Rhea. It offered a careful blend of functionality and design that caters for a plethora of vapers. The assortment of modes makes for a tailored vaping experience, whatever your preference when it comes to power settings. This mod felt sturdy and robust to hold, though it felt solid enough to break a bone should you be so unlucky enough to drop it on your toe!


  • Impeccable build quality
  • A choice of several power modes, including Bypass mode
  • Easy to use, even for new vapers


  • I found that the material on the sides of the device marked easily
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