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Aspire BP60 in black and red


Aspire BP60 Review

By Staff Editor 18th August 2020 4 Mins



Dimensions: 99mm*38mm*23mm

Battery capacity: 1400mAh internal cell

E-liquid capacity: 5ml/2ml (TPD edition)

Power output: 1W-60W

Charging: 2A USB-C

Aspire’s Breeze line became incredibly popular when pod systems dominated the market. In some ways, you could say that they predicted the success that AIOs are now enjoying. The BP60 is the latest entry to the Breeze family, so how does it stack up?

Construction, fit and finish of the BP60 are solid. This is a fair bit thicker than previous models but maintains a low overall weight due to its aluminium and polycarbonate construction. While being on the larger side for an internal cell AIO, it’s still a pocket friendly device.

The magnetised pod connection is solid, which means no play when using the device. The Golden Flame finish on our sample unit is nicely done and has been holding up well to everyday use, with no visible scratches or imperfections. A rotating airflow control system is found to the left of the screen, which provides a restricted direct lung draw when fully open, all the way down to a tight MTL when closed. Airflow is smooth across the board, which is nice to see.

The BP60 offers more functionality than previous Breeze devices but still remains user friendly for less experienced vapers. Holding + and – toggles between “auto” and “manual” modes. Auto mode restricts wattage control to a range suitable for the currently installed coil, while manual gives the user free reign of the full 60W of power on offer. Fire and – toggles between A, B and AB modes which result in draw to fire, press to fire or both respectively. Fire and +  clears the puff counter. That’s it for functionality and this is more than enough for a simple AIO.

Though draw to fire and press to fire options are both available for this device, I found myself using the press to fire function almost exclusively and disabled the draw to fire feature early in my testing. It works just fine but ramp up times are noticeably faster when pressing the fire button. Options are never a bad thing, though.

The BP60 is supplied with two coils as standard. The first is a 0.6Ohm round wire build, rated for 15W-25W. This build performs a kind of hybrid role, able to switch between MTL and restricted DL airflow settings. The large mouthpiece hasn’t really been designed with MTL in mind but with the airflow closed down, the 0.6Ohm coil does provide a warm, flavourful MTL experience at 15-18W. With the airflow opened to approximately 1/3, this coil produces a moderately warm and flavourful restricted DL vape at 25W. I was able to run 40mls of moderately sweet e-liquid through this coil before it gave out, which is quite impressive for longevity.

The second coil is a 0.3Ohm mesh build, rated for 30W-40W. I feel this coil shines at 35W, with the airflow closed down anywhere from 1/2 to 1/3 of its maximum. With these settings, it produces exceptional flavour and warmth, to the point that it’s among the best mid wattage coils currently on the market. Longevity is outstanding too. At the time of writing, I have run 60mls of e-liquid through this coil and it’s still going strong.

The 1400mAh internal cell performs surprisingly well considering the mid-wattage coils on offer. I found the device to last approximately half a day’s vaping at 35W when using the 0.3Ohm coil, or a full day’s vaping at 17W, when using the 0.6ohm coil with a higher strength e-liquid. The 2A USB-C charging mitigates most down time concerns, charging from flat to full in under an hour, which is excellent.

In summary, the Aspire BP60 is a well thought out AIO, with excellent coils, large e-liquid capacity and versatile airflow system. My only complaint is that the “duck bill” style mouth piece isn’t really suited to MTL vaping. This could easily be addressed with an aftermarket pod using a 510 drip tip. This device is worth consideration on the quality of its coils alone.


  • Excellent coils
  • Proper airflow control
  • Fast charging


  • Mouthpiece not really suited to MTL vaping
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