Aspire Neeko RTA Review

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  • 2ml capacity
  • 22mm diameter, 45mm length
  • Weight out the box: 42g
  • Single coil build
  • Top fill system
  • 510 drip tip

Today I’m taking a look at Aspire’s latest addition to their tank range, the Neeko RTA. The one I have is in black but it’s also available in stainless steel and gunmetal.

So, what’s in the box?

  • 2ml RTA with full glass tube
  • Spare glass with 2/3 metal top
  • Seal kit with deck screws & screwdriver
  • Five replacement airflow jets
  • Longer drip tip

In the hand, the Neeko feels very well made with screw threads and seals feeling smooth and tight.

Unscrewing the base from the chimney reveals a postless design build deck with top coil mounting flat head screws, dual wicking points and the bottom air jet mounted in the centre.

Fitting a 0.4Ohm coil I noticed when tightening the screws they tend to pull the coil off centre, so hold it in place with your tweezers to keep centred. Wicked, primed and ready for filling.

Filling is done via the top, a quick ¼ turn and the top is off and the fill hole is revealed. To refit the top, align the locking point, push and twist. This feels very smooth and secure.

Now to give it a blast

A good direct draw, but far too easy for my liking, I prefer a more restrictive draw. Now ordinarily a quick twist of the airflow ring and we are good, but with the Neeko using air jets at the bottom and the top I will need to change them.

This is not a problem as there is an array of different sized jets in the box ranging from 0.8 – 2.5mm. The 2mm is pre-installed, so the 1.5mm would be my choice. A quick twist and the top is off, the jet simply pulls out and the replacement fitted.

Now for the bottom jet, this is sited underneath the coil in the centre of the build deck! Things are going to get messy.

Having tried to change the jet with the coil still in place I decided it would be less hassle removing the coil completely. Once removed and new jet fitted we are good to go.

The 1.5mm jet is more to my liking and giving good flavour and dense vape. I would suggest trying the airflow jets before doing your build, it may not be exact but will give a good idea. After using the Neeko for a couple of days I had no leaks or issues.

After my success with the 0.4Ohm 1.5mm jet direct vape build I thought I would try the other jets as a MTL vape.

A change to a 1.2Ohm coil and the 0.8mm jet was made and a nic salt juice was added. This resulted in a superb MTL vape, with excellent flavour and great throat hit.

After experimenting further with the 1mm and 1.2mm jets I settled on the 0.8mm as my favourite MTL and the 1.5mm jet for direct vaping. There is also a 2.5mm set of jets which I didn’t try as the 2mm was too loose for me anyhow.


Overall the Neeko is a good RTA. build quality is excellent, spares package is excellent, I’m just not sold on the jetting system, I vape different juices and change the airflow dependant on the juice, so the jets don’t work for me, but if you like a really loose draw on your vape then the 2mm or 2.5mm will be for you.

As a MTL tank, once you have your preferred jets in place it’s a great piece of kit.

PRO: Overall build quality, spares package.

CON: Jet airflow system (if you like to adjust on the fly)

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