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Nextvapor Dunke Disposables Review

By Peach Atkinson 6th December 2022 7 Mins



  • 500 puffs
  • 20mg/ml salt nicotine


Today we will be taking a look at the Dunke disposables vapes from Nextvapor. They come in a range of different flavours and we take a look at some of these here.


A rather commonplace offering within the current vape industry, this disposable makes use of full flavour and comes with an intense throat hit. The grape is both bouncy and bubbly, reminding me somewhat of a grape bubblegum or soda.

It has a certain sweetness to it that gives this disposable an incredible amount of realism. As indicated by its name, there is a hefty amount of cooling agent added to this flavour and you can expect a sinus-clearing, ear-tingling experience particularly when exhaling.

The decision to combine these two super refreshing flavour elements was clearly an easy one and a delicious one at that.


This disposable manages to encapsulate a wide range of complex flavours and combines them to create a truly one-of-a-kind vaping experience.

The coffee elements give off a revitalising, nutty and deep warmth to the flavour, which is then combined with a smooth and sweet ice cream to contrast the almost bitter sense of coffee.

There is a cheeky addition to this flavour in the form of a subtle menthol that mellows out the bright and rich notes of coffee and cream.

As a rather unusual combination of flavours, this disposable would probably work well with a vaper who enjoys a mixture of sweet and iciness.


Instantly reminding me of iced tea, this flavour sets out to refresh and impress. With the very first inhale, the immediate taste is a smooth and juicy peach that boasts a punchy and unmistakable taste.

As soon as you begin to exhale, you will clearly notice an undertone of an aromatic and somewhat herbal taste of lemon. As of now, most of the lemon-based flavours I have tried seemed to incorporate a level of either sweetness, fizziness or they occasionally have a dessert base to them.

Despite the attractive and rather simple flavour profile, this disposable has minimum amounts of cooling agent added to it. There is just enough to notice, without taking away from the original flavour. Overall, this is a pleasant and easy to vape disposable.


A notoriously difficult flavour to get right, cola-based disposables are one of the most widespread vapes on the market right now, no doubt about it. With the vast amounts of flavours on offer, finding a decent one can be potentially challenging.

This one, however, manages to combine a careful balance of sweet, fizzy, refreshing and icy, quite well and strongly evoked memories of fi zzy cola bottle sweets.

When it comes to the comparison between a cola beverage and a cola candy, I would say that this flavour certainly leans more towards the candy.

A smooth, refreshing and complementary undertone of iciness also comes into play which sweeps the cola elements across the palate. This disposable had a lovely level of sweetness to it and will appeal to vapers who enjoy strong, fruity flavours.


As a vaper who gravitates towards fruity flavours on an MTL setup (I strangely prefer creamy/dessert-based e-liquids when using a DTL setup), I was admittedly a little hesitant to try this flavour.

I wanted to give it the benefit of the doubt and not to judge it before trying it out and I found that this disposable manages to offer the same sweet and velvety vibes of an authentic strawberry ice cream.

To me, the combination of strawberries and cream seemed to intermingle, rather than existing separately from one another.

As with the Coffee Ice Cream flavour I tried earlier, there is also a minute amount of koolada right on the exhale. I felt that the simple addition of a pinch of ice made the ice cream notes a little colder too and therefore more realistic.


With an almost complete lack of ice, this mixed berries flavour is simply amazing to puff away on. Harnessing a selection of ripe, juicy forest and summer berries, the complex combination makes for a well-rounded and rewarding taste. There is a certain tartness to this flavour that you will likely pick up on instantaneously and this gives off a rather sour sensation that will literally make your mouth water. The choice to add a selection of sweet and sour berry flavours was great, as it allowed me to appreciate the intricacies behind the e-liquid itself. I really liked how well the opposites of sweet and sour were pulled off and the nearly absent levels of cooling agent made me enjoy this flavour even more.


Ironically, as I wrote this review, I was drinking a watermelon fizzy drink and the similarities are somewhat uncanny. This e-liquid manages to match a sweet, delicate and exotic feel of fresh watermelon in an almost candy-like manner. A very recognisable flavour, watermelon vapes seem to retain a similar sense of sweetness and simplicity, whilst still delivering a bit of a punch. To me, the notes of watermelon seemed to embrace a certain level of calmness despite the subtle sourness and the relative tsunami of iciness on the exhale. As you can expect from an ice-based flavour, the multifaceted selection of refreshing elements seemed to boost this flavour as an ideal summertime vape.


A definite choice for minty/menthol vapers, this surprisingly detailed flavour has layer upon layer of mint-inspired tastes. To start us off, there is a definitive note of peppermint that has a very subtle sweetness to it, quickly followed by the unmistakable taste of menthol. To me, the menthol in this flavour was almost identical to what you’d expect from a menthol cigarette, apart from the nasty smoke taste and harmful smoking-related chemicals. Both the peppermint and the menthol were rounded off by an intense iciness that brought about an unmatched level of refreshment. As mentioned previously, this flavour will appeal to fans of cold, mentholated flavours and with the distinct lack of other elements such as fruits or dessert flavours, it can be a contender for an all-day vape.


Giving an immediate hit of tropical, exotic vibes, this disposable offers a sharp sourness that can only be offered by pineapples. To me, this liquid checked off all the boxes needed for a decent pineapple flavour. It had the realistic, tongue-tingling effect as well as a full, well-rounded ripeness that boosted this flavour to a high level of realism and authenticity. To add to the fruity feel, there is a significant amount of cooling agent that enhances the overall flavour and provides a lively kick. Despite trying out multiple pineapple and ice combinations over the years, this one has to be one of the more enjoyable ones and, given that it is a disposable, it was super-easy to get along with.


Similar in its tropical vibes, Mango Ice is a tiny bit more laid back than Pineapple Ice. The mellow tones of sweet ripeness give out a smooth base layer, with little sourness. I felt that this gave the notes of mango a well-rounded platform on which to flourish. True to the fruit itself, you can almost feel the sweet, fleshy and incredibly juicy sensation when vaping on this disposable. Basic in terms of ingredients, simplicity certainly seems to be the key here and I found the balance between sweet and sour to be perfectly executed. Again, with a blatantly noticeable swish of ice, the cooling agent gave the more subdued notes of mango a kick up the backside! Overall, this was a very decent flavour and I liked how the soft mango and sharp ice worked against one another.

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