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EB CREATE BC5000 Review: The BC5000 is BACK and EVOLVED

By Vape Central Wholesale 11th September 2023 5 Mins


The EB family vapes has gained immense attention from the whole vaping world ever since its launch. Vape Central Wholesale – one of the first wholesale vape distributors in the United States that carries EB Create and Funky Land – are honored to share a deep dive into the world of EB Create and their well-known BC5000 vape for EB lovers and business owners.

EB Revolutionizing the Vape Game

EB Create BC5000, the best-selling disposables pod in the vape world has evolved and rebranded itself to continue giving vapers what they deserve; upgrades and the highest performance. The world renowned vape disposable has reestablished itself in the vaping world with new coil technology, new flavors, and brought back classic flavors into their brand relaunch. Vapers will quickly recognize when they see the new packaging and renaming when they see EB Create BC5000 at vape shops, online vape stores, and vape wholesalers. Let’s dive into the world of EB Create BC5000!

EB Create BC5000 has built the right formula straight from their vape lab to build the perfect vape that vapers demand. The remixed EB Create vape boasts up to 5,000 puff counts of satisfying E-clouds, thanks to their dual coil technology that quickly activates draw from mouth to lung for continuous smooth vape puffs.

The EB Create BC5000 holds 9.5 ml of prefilled E-juice oil. No need to be refilled, just puff straight out of the box for nonstop vape action. To keep your vape game strong, the EB Create vape comes with a rechargeable 650 mAh to keep vapers from worrying about battery life when they are out and about, with a Type-C charging port available under the vape device.

A notable change that was made for the US market is the nicotine level has been brought down a notch to 4% nic salt instead of the former 5% from its previous brand. The new EB Create BC5000 has been released with a vibrant and colorful casing that will appeal to vapers, with each flavor in its own bright color so everyone can vape in style. The new EB Create vape device stands out and has a high-quality aura that the vaping world will fall in love with again.

Embrace the EB Flavorful Taste

EB Create BC5000 vape labs stayed true to what they do best; create the best tasting, flavored puffs that are out of this world. The BC5000 vapes come in delicious fruit flavors for every vaper, with over 40 blends of flavors to choose from. At Vape Central Wholesale, we had the honor to try many of the flawless vapes that the EB Create lab made.

A summertime vape favorite we puffed is Sunset, a fruity blend of Oranges, Kiwi Fruit and Mango which altogether create a mesmerizing sensational taste that will bring you to relaxation mode.

Another rich flavor that refreshes your body and mind is my new favorite flavor, the Snoow Ice, influenced by the Chinese ice cream dessert, Snowflake. An intoxicating dessert delight that is finally made for the EB Create BC5000 to take on vape puffs while feeling a hint of the popular ice cream treat.

An EB fan favorite at Vape Central Wholesale that was renamed is the Tropical Rinbo, that contains rich puffs of sweet candy beans that will take off the pressure of your day’s demands. Don’t be fooled by the name because it will have vapers savoring for more vape hits of the classic snack.

Lastly, one of the all-time flavor favorites, Clear, is back and it has the perfect level of Mint to freshen up your day. The Clear flavor is one of our top tellers at Vape Central Wholesale, as the vape shops, online vape stores, and vape wholesalers always demand this vape flavor to meet the needs of the vaper end-user.

The EB Verdict

Ever since the initiation of Vape Central Wholesale’s establishment, we are committed to providing our customers with a first-class service and understanding of what a vape business needs. From vape product selection to fast shipping service, we are vapers who understand vapers; we’ve got you covered with a wide array of vape flavors and nationwide free shipping.

At Vape Central Wholesale, we care about our customers and are dedicated to helping their business grow. That’s why we choose disposable vapes as a solid investment. Purchasing from us, you will not need to worry about which vape products to stock on so that vape businesses can avoid being stuck on vape products that sell slowly. And our services don’t stop there; we make vaping content like informative blogs and vape industry announcements to keep you and your business in the loop. For any of your inquires and concerns about our vape products, feel free to reach us out and our dedicated customer service will promptly help you.

EB Create BC5000 has evolved their flawless vape furthermore, transforming into a new brand that has reconnected with as it quickly gained new followers and brought back vapers to the well-known BC5000 vape series. The beautiful presentation of vibrant and bright colors of EB Create BC5000 vapes will appeal to vapers once they see it displayed on your vape shop counter or on your online vape store. The main attraction aura that EB vapes have, brings attention to vapers that can make it their next go to vape disposable. It is a solid investment from the same people that make the most powerful smallest pod in vaping history.

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Disclaimer: This sponsored content was written by Vape Central Wholesale. 

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