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ANDS SLIX Recyclable Disposable Vapes Review

By Oliver Smith 31st July 2023 4 Mins


Device Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 110 x 16mm
  • Material: Plastic, Metal, Silicone, Cardboard – FULLY RECYCLABLE
  • Battery capacity: 400mAh
  • E-liquid capacity: 2ml
  • E-liquid ratio: 50VG/50PG
  • Nicotine strength: 20mg (2%) salt nicotine
  • Number of puffs: Up to 600


ANDS recently launched a new single-use vape product solution called SLIX along with a new recycling programme in partnership with Waste Experts.

This new disposable vape range claims to be 99.29% recyclable and recoverable. Currently, the ANDS SLIX disposable vape comes in eight flavours including blue raspberry lemon, cream tobacco, grape, kiwi passion fruit guava, mint, pink lemon, sour raspberry and watermelon.

We were given the opportunity to try the full product flavour range out. Here’s what we thought…

Kiwi Passion Guava

Each pull produced a delightfully sweet yet crisp fruitiness without leaving a sickly aftertaste like some of the other variants I have tried.

This flavour takes me back to a beach-vibe and is a perfect for the upcoming summer months.

Out of the three flavour profiles, the guava comes across as being more dominant in both the inhale and exhale – however, this didn’t come across as overwhelming but quite the opposite.

Sour Rasberry

This is almost a palette cleanser which I particularly enjoyed after some of the sweet and creamier flavours from ANDS.

There’s a definite if subtle sour flavour at the back of the nose on exhalation which is refreshing.

Nice enough flavour, but not my favourite. I get fed up with it after a while, but that’s just my opinion.

Pink Lemon

have purchased this flavour from elsewhere before so I have no doubt it’ll be exactly the same.

The flavouring is nice and smooth but it hasn’t got a similar taste to pink lemonade, it’s more sour than sweet but still amazing taste and product in itself.

ANDS SLIX disposable vape in mint flavourMint

With a very distinct taste, this disposable hit the exact spot for a strong mint flavour without an overbearing sweetness like other mint devices.

The vape provided a great cooling sensation to the throat as it was not overbearing and had a subtle hint to it.

The aftertaste of the vape was incredible as it was such a smooth pull and left a distinct mint flavour in your throat.

ANDS SLIX creamy tobacco flavour recyclable disposable vape Cream Tobacco

I was slightly apprehensive when first trying this flavour, as I have never been the one to choose a tobacco-styled taste.

I must say, this flavour was the perfect mix of providing that tobacco-like flavour for ex-smokers to enjoy but with a subtle sweetness of a creamy caramel toffee.

ANDS SLIX grape flavoured recyclable disposable vapeGrape

Have had this flavour in other brands and found them a bit hit and miss so was wary to try this flavour from ANDS.

I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the taste, with a good grape taste without being too sweet and sickly.

I normally find these grape flavours usually lose their taste towards the end, but this kept up right until the last puff.


One of my favourite flavours is Watermelon, and all I can say is that this disposable from ANDS definitely didn’t disappoint.

Although no brand has ever replicated the true taste of a watermelon, I have loved the artificial flavour that you normally find with chewy sweets.

From the first to the last puff, I enjoyed the mouth-wateringly sweet taste that was so moreish that when the device’s life ended, I was very upset.

Blue Rasberry Lemon

Brilliant blueberry flavour, hard to pull off flavour but ANDS has definitely succeeded.

Alongside the lemonade flavour the overall experience develops with a large hit of blueberry which fades slowly, giving way to the citrusy lemonade which accompanies the flavour nicely.

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