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vont to-go disposable vape range


VONT To-Go Disposables Review

By Peach Atkinson 26th August 2022 6 Mins


Created by Swedish vape brand VONT, the VONT To-Go disposables are a simple and easy-to-use product, ideal for beginner vapers and smokers looking to quit.

Having also reviewed VONT’s pod system kit – which included the VONT One pod system and three pre-filled flavoured pods – I was intrigued to see how their disposables performed.

VONT To-Go device specifications:

  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg/0mg
  • Puff amount: Up to 800 puffs

VONT To-Go disposable flavours:

breezy watermelon disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range

Breezy Watermelon

A subtle, delicate and somewhat sweet blend of ripe watermelon, this flavour encompasses a chilled, laid-back vibe.

The notes of melon are complex, layered and include a certain level of sweetness and a smooth inhale.

For me, the watermelon came across as candy-like in nature and seemed to have a well-rounded, full tasting and tropical feel to it.

With a very small amount of iciness thrown in at the end, both the soft watermelon and minty sensation combined to create an easy to vape and refreshing taste.

Smooth Vanilla

Warm, nutty and intensely smooth, this vanilla flavoured disposable includes the many hallmarks of a decent dessert-based e-liquid.

With a complete lack of menthol or cooling agent, we can focus solely on the mellow and complex nature of the deep vanilla notes.

Despite clearly being a sweet-inspired flavour, there wasn’t a huge, overpowering sweetness to it, making it both pleasant and satisfying to vape consistently, and for me, this makes it a perfect flavour.

I’d highly recommend this flavour for those who enjoy a mellow and soothing vape, with absolutely no sickly feeling involved.

smooth vanilla disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range
cool mint disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range

Cool Mint

With an incredibly intricate combination of powerful cold flavours, there is no doubt in my mind that this will be a hit with menthol lovers.

Initially, there is a sharp and exceedingly fresh wave of peppermint that, to me, had very little sweetness in there.

Following the punchy peppermint comes an incredibly revitalising and sinus-clearing taste of menthol.

The combination of peppermint and menthol seemed to work well together although I did notice an absence of cooling agent. This gave this disposable an interesting edge, as many menthol/mint combos tend to include a cold sensation as well as the cold tastes.

Juicy Berry

A vibrant and floral collection of rich berry notes, this e-liquid goes down a treat, especially on a warm and sunny day.

The mixture of summer berries included sweet strawberries, mellow raspberries and tart blueberries all of which were combined in a cacophony of freshness.

To add to its already delicious and bright feel, there is just a touch of subtle mint thrown in on the exhale, that brings together the flavour as a whole and therefore creates a full tasting and enjoyable vaping experience.

I could really appreciate the complexities in this flavour and the pairing of fruits and mint seemed to really make it pop.

juicy berry disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range
blue raspberry disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range

Blue Raspberry

I must admit, blue raspberry flavours are a dime a dozen right now, but it’s easy to see why.

The inclusion of bright, zesty and candy-like vibes brings about a strong sense of nostalgia that many of us can appreciate on a day-to-day basis, and this flavour is no exception.

Reminding me strongly of blue bonbons, there is an intense sweetness to this e-liquid that does not become sickly.

I felt that there was also a tiny touch of blueberry in there too, judging by other blueberry flavours I have tried over the years.

With no icy elements, the Blue Raspberry was able to simultaneously blossom and impress.

Creamy Strawberry

Evoking powerful memories of rich, creamy strawberry milk, this flavour boasts an intense sweetness that will definitely knock your socks off.

The soft, smooth and creamy notes are offset by a delicate and deep strawberry that managed to convey an accurate and highly enjoyable flavour.

I loved the velvety tones on this e-liquid and the subtle sweetness meant that I didn’t get sick or overwhelmed by its taste.

This is a very clear contender as an all-day vape – particularly for fans of dessert flavours.

creamy strawberry disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range
sweet melon disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range

Sweet Melon

A soft, gentle and well-rounded blend of ripe and juicy melons, I really liked how well the flavours intermingled to offer a super laid back but still delightful taste.

The chilled notes of cantaloupe held centre stage, whereas the subtle sweetness of honeydew managed to encompass the more prominent elements whilst working around one another.

The simple, but effective, flavour constituents were in the exact proportions to make this an easy to fall in love with flavour, for any vaper.

There was a total absence of ice and menthol, something, that to me, made this flavour more enjoyable and somewhat relaxing to vape.

Creamy Tobacco

The opposing combination of earthy, slightly smokey Virginia tobacco leaf and sweet, dulcet creaminess was very clearly well concocted.

In perfect amounts, the sort of nutty tobacco was most evident and was softened by a smooth and wholesome thick cream.

Despite its rich components, it was not too over the top when compared to other similar e-liquids I’ve tried previously.

The idea to combine the two in such a manner was genius, and very easy to get along with.

As someone who doesn’t often vape tobacco flavours, I was really won over with this one.

I think both fans of tobacco and fans of dessert flavours will find this disposable enjoyable.

creamy tobacco disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range
sweet mango disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range

Sweet Mango

Blatantly obvious, this flavour really comes across as candy-like in nature, without a powerful sourness, focussing more on the smoother, sweeter side of mango flavours.

To me, this flavour did not have the overbearing and occasionally unpleasant taste that many other mango based e-liquids seem to contain, relying more on a simple set of effective and delicious flavours, with minimal amounts of iciness to it.

As with ‘Sweet Melon’ I reviewed earlier, the soft and subtle fruit notes made this disposable both calming and flavourful, and something many vapers will like.

Fresh Mint

Differing from ‘Cool Mint’, this flavour includes a more prominent side of peppermint, with the slightest touch of sweetness to it.

I couldn’t taste much menthol flavouring and there was very little cooling agent in there too.

A basic but fulfilling e-liquid, I was surprised at how well I got on with it, and for me, I preferred Fresh Mint to Cool Mint, as the flavours seemed to be a little less brash and easier to vape.

If you, however, are a true fan of menthol vapes, I’d probably recommend Cool Mint.

Either way, both will hit the spot and both will guarantee a cold and refreshing vaping experience.

You can purchase the VONT To-Go Disposables Here

fresh mint disposable vape flavoured device from VONT - the VONT To-Go range

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