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UpBAR GT Disposables Review

By Peach Atkinson 26th March 2023 4 Mins



  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Puffs: 600
  • Battery Capacity: 410 mAh
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg Salt Nicotine



Blissfully simple, but widely appreciated, this tobacco flavour enlists the help of deep, earthy tobacco tones and a subtle smokiness that is not only welcomed but also closely replicates the taste of rolling tobacco.

I noticed a sweet and incredibly smooth edge to the tobacco, making it moreish and super easy to vape.

As someone who doesn’t often opt for tobacco flavours, this disposable really surprised me, and its dulcet tones made for a calm and satisfying vaping sensation.

I feel that this flavour will garner the attention of both ‘smokey’ fans and dessert fans…due to its wide-reaching set of sub flavours.


White Peach Tea

Refreshing and wholesome, this exceedingly unique disposable ticks all of the boxes when it comes to a perfectly executed fruit flavour.

Delicate but simultaneously punchy, the peach flavouring used in this disposable is sweet and highly realistic.

It seems to be mellowed out a little by an aromatic and somewhat herby undertone of tea leaves.

I noticed just the slightest touch of cooling on the exhale, exacerbating the deliciously fresh vibe offered by this disposable.

The strong flavour is amplified by the fact that this disposable utilises a mesh coil, ensuring a smooth and full tasting experience.

It’s certainly safe to say that I highly enjoyed this flavour, and I’m sure you will too.


Lemon Lime

 Boasting a sharp collection of citrus flavours and a subtle kick of iciness, I could tell at the very first puff that this was going to be an iconic hit.

The careful combination of both the bright lemon and the tangy lime is presented in the most precise and well calculated ratios.

I felt that the amalgamation of lemon and lime created an interesting dichotomy that was smooth yet refreshing.

With its rather straightforward flavour constituents, the creators have kept things simple, and quite rightly so.

They have chosen to focus on making a truly enjoyable disposable vaping sensation, without unnecessarily overcomplicating things.


Peach Raspberry

A bright, crisp and highly floral set of flavours, this disposable is not only refreshing but is also just so easy to vape.

Punchy peach provides a solid base, allowing it to exude its vibrant and recognisable taste, closely followed by a succulent, sweet and delicate pink raspberry note.

The decision to combine the more powerful edge of peach with a subtle fruit such as raspberry was a stroke of pure genius as they both complement one another flawlessly.

As with some of the other flavours in this line of disposables, there was a tiny touch of iciness right when exhaling, giving a slight but revitalising kick to the fruity notes.


Vanilla Custard Chocolate

 Certainly one for the self confessed sweet tooths out there, this complex and truly decadent flavour presents an easy to enjoy and rather idiosyncratic vaping experience.

For me, the initial taste had to be the warm, creamy vanilla bean custard and as a massive fan of these flavours in general, I was pleased with how this turned out.

The custard notes soon gave way to a smooth, wide reaching and highly recognisable milk chocolate flavour.

I didn’t quite know what to expect at first, as I have only tried chocolate e-liquids a mere handful of times.

The combination of vanilla custard and chocolate was an interesting but still enjoyable one.


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