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Zeus Juice Bolt E-liquids Review

By Oliver Smith 21st June 2023 4 Mins



  • VG / PG: High VG
  • Nicotine Strength: 0mg
  • Bottle Size: 50ml

Strawberry Ice Cream

Kicking things off with one of the world’s most iconic flavour profiles, I was both intrigued and, quite frankly, a little apprehensive at first.

I wanted to know how well this flavour would hold up against some really strong contenders I have tried over the years.

Without beating around the bush, I was not just taken aback but was massively impressed by the impeccably high standards set out by the creators of this e-liquid.

It seems to include the vital elements of sweetness, creaminess and of course realism.

Soft, mellow strawberry notes infuse a rich, decadent vanilla bean ice cream, creating a pleasant and memorable flavour.

The whole vaping experience was smooth, not sickly and incredibly lifelike.

Kiwi Passionfruit

Being exceedingly tropical and rather straightforward in terms of flavour and complexity, this e-liquid was so easy to enjoy.

Involving sharp and slightly acidic notes, I would probably say that the introduction of kiwi was more prominent.

In order to offset that unmistakable tanginess, we are brought a smooth, sweet undertone of ripe and exotic passionfruit.

I felt that the choice to include these remarkable fruits was simply genius.

They both work together to create a deeply satisfying, fresh vape and I was in awe of its simple but exceptionally effective set of flavours.

This will certainly grab the attention of fruity fans.

Banana Ice

Creeping back into popularity, banana flavoured e-liquids are becoming more and more commonplace once again.

One of the latest trends is to combine a sweet tasting and almost candy like banana with an intensely cold edge of cooling agent.

I usually prefer dessert-based banana flavours, but for the sake of reviewing, I wanted to have a go and see how well I got on with this e-liquid and if it could ‘peel’ me away from my comfort zone.

As I briefly mentioned, the banana flavouring used here is more akin to a candy rather than the realistic, soft flavoured fruit.

As a wide-reaching base, the iciness is omnipresent and is there from the start of a puff, lingering even after exhaling.

The ingenious decision to combine something that is so brazen and powerful, with a sweet, mellowness was extraordinary…I was thoroughly impressed

Lightning Drink

Garnering that easy to recognise but difficult to discern taste of a well-known energy drink, this beverage flavoured e-liquid is sweet, effervescent and enjoyable – without the side effect of a substantially increased heart rate.

Bursting with intense flavour, it’s plain to see that this is going to be popular with vapers that really enjoy powerful and deep tasting e-liquids.

In combination with the energy drink element, I did notice a very small amount of cooling agent, enough to give this flavour a bit of a fresh kick, but not so much so that it overrides the other constituents.

In terms of realism, this e-liquid was identical to the popular beverage.

Peach Lemon

Harvesting a mellow and floral selection of fruity flavours, this e-liquid masters the art of perfect proportions.

Notes of juicy peach offer a solid, well-rounded base to this e-liquid, and you can really appreciate it from start to finish.

In order to give a more vivacious feel to the overall flavour, a sharp and bright edge of lemon comes into play.

The inclusion of citrus made for a unique and rewarding experience and, as I mentioned previously, the ratio between peach and lemon was on point.

Due to this flavour’s rather simple nature, I didn’t get overwhelmed and despite its simple nature, there was still enough complexity to really enjoy this e-liquid.

Simple and effective – perfect

Cola Ice

The second beverage inspired e-liquid in this line up, Cola Ice includes the sweet, syrupy fizziness that is easily recognised worldwide.

The sweetness offered in this e-liquid was rich and deep, with no watery or mellow edges.

To me, this flavour reminded me somewhat of a fizzy cola bottle candy, matching the tongue tingling sourness and refreshing effervescence in every puff.

To further compound on the unmistakable, bright and fresh cola element, comes an even more noticeable burst of cold iciness.

As someone who is usually neither here nor there when it comes to cola flavours, I must say I got on pretty well with this instalment.

The combination of fizzy cola and ice thus creates the ultimate, revitalising, summertime vape.

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