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Vape Basics: Making Your Own E-Liquid – Beginner-Friendly Flavourings

By Staff Editor 28th March 2019 4 Mins


We covered the very basics of mixing in “Vape basics: Six steps to making your own e-liquid” but if you want to make some truly great flavours, you’ll need to start with a good variety of concentrates to experiment with. DIY e-liquid is a broad topic, so we can’t explore everything in one post but today we aim to set you up with a range of versatile, tasty flavours to consider for your first order. To keep things simple, we’ll be separating flavours by brand, rather than flavour category.


Fa Fuji – An authentic, crisp apple.

Cap Green Apple Hard candy – A tart candy apple.

FA Blood Orange – An authentic and vibrant orange.

INW Raspberry – A rich and dark raspberry, almost like raspberry syrup.

TFA Raspberry (Sweet) – A bright candy raspberry.

CAP Strawberry (Sweet) – A bright candy strawberry that goes well with other strawberry flavours.

TFA Strawberry (Ripe) – A strawberry with elements of natural fruit and candy.

FA Strawberry (Fragola) – An authentic strawberry with mild earthiness.

FLV Wild Melon – A strong, fragrant blend of melons.

FLV Watermelon – Part candy watermelon, part real fruit.

FA Lime (cold press) – An authentic, juicy lime, with plenty of tartness

FA Lemon Sicily – An authentic, juicy lemon, with plenty of tartness

FA King – A full bodied blackcurrant candy

FA Passion – A sweet but authentic passion fruit, similar to what you would expect from a soft drink.

TFA Dragonfruit – A sweet tropical fruit that works very well in almost any fruit mix

CAP Golden Pineapple – A light and sweet candy pineapple


Creams & Custards:

CAP Vanilla Custard (V1) – Likely the most popular custard flavouring on the market. Rich, smooth and decadent. Requires long steep times.

CAP Vanilla Bean Ice Cream – A heavy vanilla ice cream, think traditional, not soft-serve.

CAP French Vanilla – A creamy vanilla, very versatile

TFA Vanilla Swirl – A rich vanilla cream that can enhance the body of almost any mix.

FLV Vanilla Pudding – A rare flavouring that tastes exactly as the name suggests.

FW Yoghurt – A commercial style yoghurt, think Yoplait. Great with fruits.

FA Custard Premium – A rich, eggy custard, very underrated.

FA Cream (fresh) – Authentic dairy goodness, not overly sweet.

TFA Bavarian Cream – A heavy cream that carries an almost malted note.

INW Miss Cream – An interesting cream with a fudge accent.



FA Apple Pie – Authentic pie crust, very little apple. Can be used in almost any bakery mix.

TFA Cheesecake (Graham Crust) – Biscuit base with a helping of cream.

CAP Cinnamon sugar – A light and sweet bakery cinnamon.

CAP Biscuit (Silver Line) – A light digestive biscuit.

FA Pandoro – Rich lemon cake. The lemon will fade with time, so doesn’t have to be used in lemon mixes.

CAP Cinnamon Danish Swirl – A sweet bakery cinnamon, with robust cake notes.

CAP New York Cheesecake – Authentic cheesecake, with a realistic tang.

FA Joker – Authentic Italian cannoli.

TFA Marshmallow – Can be used to sweeten mixes and enhance body.

FA Meringue – Authentic meringue, gives a boost to the sweetness of any mix.


Even if you order just half of these flavourings, we’re confident that you’ll have the tools at your disposal to create countless great mixes. There are too many great flavourings to put in one blog post, so we’ll be covering more in the future! These concentrates are just recommendations and are not by any means an exhaustive list of the “best” flavourings out there. But these are all quite simple to use and should give you a great starting point to make many different profiles.

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