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geekvape launch brand new vape - t200 aegis touch - the smartest touch vape ever


The Smartest Touch Vape Ever – Geekvape Unveils The Geekvape T200 (Aegis Touch)

By Geekvape 5th August 2022 3 Mins


Geekvape has just introduced the Geekvape T200 (Aegis Touch), the most smart touch vape ever. The new device continues the hard-core, innovative, tri-proof, technological DNA of the Aegis series, and Geekvape’s goal in launching this exciting new product is fairly obvious: to set the highest standards for touch-screen products in the industry.

geekvape t200 touch screen display - black geekvape aegis touch

Follow Geekvape’s most recent Aegis Touch interview video uploaded to YouTube.

Charles from Geekvape, product line executive for the Aegis, Z and Sonder lines, discusses the inspiration for the GEEKVAPE T200 (Aegis Touch), saying: Throughout the history of Geekvape, we’ve built a number of innovative products, including the well-known Z tanks and Aegis box mods. And this time, we go even further because our fans are always seeking for innovative and mind-blowing box mods, and we listened to the Geekfams. 

GEEKVAPE T200(Aegis Touch) aims to create a user-friendly box mod with a leak-proof top airflow Z Sub-Ohm 2021 Tank.

geekvape t200 device specifications - leakproof, AS chip 3.0 and 2.4 inch touch screen

Check it out!

  1. The wattage and temperature can be easily adjusted.
  2. It is simple to navigate the menu and change modes.
  3. The brightness can be easily adjusted.
  4. Easy to see all the info on the screen at once because we have the biggest screen this time.
  5. Choose from four dynamic UI themes and wallpapers to meet the style you want.

So far, the Aegis Touch could be the world’s most user-friendly box mod.

So, what is the difference between Aegis X Or Aegis Touch?

Both the Aegis X and Aegis Touch are box mods with large screens. But what are the main differences between them? According to Charles, “ The Aegis Touch is an all-touch screen product with our new Tri-proof technology IP68-rating protection, whilst the Aegis X is a large screen device with our first gen tri-proof technology. “

geekvape t200 aegis touch with tri-proof features for harsher conditions - water droplets on the t200 touch screen

“This time, we’ve brought the Z Sub-Ohm 2021 tank with the Z0.15 XM coil to Aegis Touch. The new tank includes a childproof feature, and the Z0.15 XM coil has double the lifespan of regular coils.”

geekvape t200 aegis touch z tank

The Aegis Touch retains the Auto Battery Balancing and A-lock functions. Meanwhile, the new Tri-proof technology has made Aegis Touch lighter and more compact.

all colour variations of the geekvape t200 aegis touch vape

Geekvape is the most popular brand in more than a dozen countries, and the Aegis Legend 2 is the best-selling mod in the world. GEEKVAPE is constantly innovating to provide the best product experience for its users, and we hope to see more exciting products in the future.

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