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Cactus Cooler DIY E-liquid Recipe

By Staff Editor 17th June 2020 2 Mins

As we head into the summer months, lighter vapes are coming back into the spotlight. With this in mind, we’re sharing our Cactus Cooler recipe. Don’t be put off by the unusual ingredients, though. Cactus might not sound very appealing on paper but in practice, it produces a wonderfully sweet, juicy profile.


(INW) – Inawera – Cactus – 1.75%
(REK) – Reka – Japanese Aloe Vera – 1%
(TPA) – The Flavor Apprentice – Dragonfruit – 3%
(FLV) – Flavorah – Wild Melon – 3%
(FA) – Flavour Art – Polar Blast – 0.25%
(Additive) – WS-23(30%) – 0.8%

Flavour Notes:

Cactus: INW’s Cactus is a potent, unique flavour. As someone who’s never tried the real thing, I can’t say if it’s accurate but this concentrate provides a vibrant, sweet and super fresh tropical flavour that adds a unique touch to virtually any fruit mix, along with a noticeable juicy finish. We’re combining this with a touch of REK Japanese Aloe Vera to turn that juicy mouth-feel up a notch.

Tropical fruit: TFA Dragonfruit is a staple of tropical mixes and we’re using it in this case to bring some tartness to the profile and help blend everything together. FLV Wild Melon ends up being fairly mild when paired with the prominent Cactus but it brings additional tropical sweetness to the mix and complements the juicy texture perfectly.

Coolant: Since this profile is so refreshing already, some coolant is needed to make it a true summer ADV. FA Polar Blast is a potent combination of coolants and in this case we’re using it for the slight mentholated finish it provides. WS-23 is doing the heavy lifting at 0.8% with a strong cooling sensation that runs throughout the profile.

Steeping: This mix can be vaped straight after mixing, though the Cactus will settle in fully after 2-3 days.


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