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By Alex Shenker 28th February 2024 5 Mins



500 mAh In-Built Battery
20mg Nicotine Salt
600 Puffs
2ml Prefilled Pods
USB-C Charging

Elf Bar have revamped and refreshed the ELFA bars and produced a new ‘Pro’ range that promises better flavour, better coils and the same consistent flavours we all know and love from Elf.

The kit includes the ELFA PRO battery and 1 prefilled pod which come in 32 different flavours.

Once you have the ELFA PRO kit you can just buy the prefilled pods that slot straight into the top of the battery.

Once the liquid is gone you simply dispose of the pod and slot a new one in, this offers a lot of versatility with flavours allowing you to chop and change on the fly.

In terms of the hit these perfectly mirror the original ELFBAR disposable vapes, giving the same tight draw and strong flavour that you’d expect.

Battery life is decent, I was able to go through 1 and a bit full pods before needing to charge it via USB-C.

Charging was also very impressive, only taking about 30-40 minutes.

Overall I think these are a fantastic alternative to the fully disposable ELFBAR, offering the same experience and flavour but with a lot less waste.

Let’s take a look at some of the flavours I tried.

Pink Lemonade

First off we have Pink Lemonade, one of ELFBAR’s most popular flavours and it’s not hard to see why.

The initial hit fills your tastebuds with a fizzy lemonade flavour, equal parts sweet and sour.

And it’s soon joined by a strong strawberry/raspberry flavour that adds more dimensions of sweetness and tartness that mingle perfectly with the lemon.

The overall taste is something very familiar and hugely moreish.

It’s a classic combination but for my money ELFBAR do it the best, and this is a flavour I can see myself going back to again and again.

Apple Peach

Apple Peach is another one of those flavours that expertly combines a sweet fruit with one that’s a bit sourer.

These always work brilliantly for me and this offering from ELFBAR is no different.

The apple is the first thing you taste when you puff, and it’s delicious and well crafted, with all the slightly sweet and tart notes you’d want from a fresh, crisp green apple.

It’s not long before the ripe juicy peach flavour joins the fray and envelopes the apple with syrupy sweet fruitiness.

These two-flavour dance on the tastebuds and combine to give a refreshing and flavourful vape that like the Pink Lemonade is extremely moreish.

Mix Berries

Next up we have Mix Berries, and as the name would suggest this is a combination of different berry flavours, culminating in a sweet and refreshing flavour that I really enjoyed.

The initial flavours at the forefront are blueberry and raspberry, giving a good contrast of sweet and sour fruitiness, before the strawberry rocks up to the party.

The strawberry lifts the overall taste to another level with its light, sweet flavour, doing a great job of rounding it out without stealing the show.

Overall, this is a well-balanced and tasty flavour that I could easily vape all day long.

Blueberry Sour Raspberry

Could this be a selection from ELFBAR without Blueberry Sour Raspberry?

Everyone has had a go at releasing this flavour but they are still the masters when it comes to this blend.

The blueberry and raspberry flavours are perfectly recreated, featuring all the fresh fruity flavours you could ever want, with complex notes of sweet and tart.

ELFBAR then sprinkle some extra sourness into the mix, keeping the sweetness from ever becoming too much, and creating an ultra-refreshing flavour, that never becomes tired or boring.


Spearmint is simple but extremely effective flavour that is instantly recognisable and offers a massive minty hit that is ultimately refreshing and keeps you coming back for more.

The spearmint flavour is extremely accurate, giving you that blast of fresh mint you’d expect, with a subtle hint of sweetness that distinguishes it from other mint and menthol flavours.

This is a great flavour to vape when you’ve gone slightly flavour blind or need something to cleanse the pallet.

Kiwi Passionfruit Guava

Last up we have Kiwi Passionfruit Guava…another classic Elf blend that offers up some huge fruity flavours, smashed together into a cocktail that has become a favourite of many vapers worldwide.

My favourite thing about this flavour is that each of the three fruits are given their chance to shine and are easily distinguishable, but also combine perfectly.

The Passionfruit and Guava are the forward flavours, with their exotic, tropical flavours whisking you away to a deserted island.

The Kiwi is subtle but adds a slight sweetness that takes the edge off the tartness from the other fruits.

I think I saved the best for last here, this flavour does not disappoint and is one I will be returning to repeatedly.

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