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Wismec R80 Review

By Staff Editor 23rd March 2020 4 Mins



Dimensions: 116mm*32mm*31.5mm
Battery capacity: external 18650 cell 
E-liquid capacity: 4ml/2ml (TPD edition) 
Power output: 1W-80W 
Charging: USB-C 
Display 0.96 Inch TFT 

Wismec is among the most prolific manufacturers in vaping and has been catering to users of all levels for while now. The R80 is its latest release, landing somewhere between an AIO and traditional mod. Is this a whole new device category, or a mod with an identity crisis? 

Construction, fit and finish of the R80 is outstanding. Wismec has really stepped up its game in the last year or so and this device is a shining example. The all-metal chassis feels very sturdy and has a well-balanced weight, while still being pocket-friendly. The pod snaps into place and is held securely by six magnets, so there’s no movement at all. The brushed finish and Ocean Star panels on our model are flawless, so this device feels every bit a premium product. 

The user experience here is very simple, with a couple of missteps. The fire button powers the device on/off with five clicks and alternates the display colour with three. Holding both wattage control buttons will lock or unlock wattage adjustment and that’s it as far as the chip is concerned. Power delivery is snappy, with no ramp up or delay to speak of. Wismec supply a magnetised 510 plate with the device, which allows you to use any standard atomiser atop the R80. This is a great inclusion, making the device both versatile and future proof. Competitors take note. 

The first issue with the device is the filling system. A rubber seal on the bottom of the pod reveals a fairly standard opening, which for whatever reason caused spillage and overfill more often than not. Only needle-tipped bottles prevented this from happening, which is annoying, especially for new users. The second issue is coil removal, which can be a bit tricky, since there’s not much room on the bottom of the pod to get a good purchase on the coil base. Once you get the knack, it’s fine, but I feel this could have been executed better. 

The R80 is supplied with two coils as standard. The first is a 0.8Ohm round wire build, with a 15W recommendation. This is clearly intended to be an MTL coil, with its small inner bore but the airflow provided is far too much when left open. Adjusted almost all the way down, though, this coil provides a really nice vape, with saturated flavour and about average longevity, lasting 25mls of moderately sweet e-liquid before needing to be replaced. The built in wide bore drip tip does feel like a limiting factor for MTL though, so I would like to see this addressed in future batches. 

The second coil, a 0.3Ohm mesh build, comes with a 35W recommendation. I found it to perform best with the airflow half closed, where it provides a smooth, dense and flavourful restricted vape. This competes with other low-mid wattage mesh tanks handily in terms of vape quality and longevity, lasting me 40mls of moderately sweet e-liquid before a substantial decline was noted. 

Since the device uses an external 18650, battery life will depend on your choice of cell, coil and power output. Using a well known 3000mAh cell, I was able to get two full days of vaping time when using the 0.8Ohm coil, and just shy of a full day when using the 0.3Ohm coil at 35W. From these results, I’d say the battery management is good and the ability to swap in a fresh cell means down time is non-existent.

In summary, the Wismec R80 is a well rounded AIO/mod, with good coils, great build quality and ease of use. The only complaints I have are the filling mechanism and airflow control, which aren’t really deal breakers in my book and the magnetised 510 plate means you can use any existing atomisers in your arsenal. 


  • Great build quality 
  • Good vape quality 
  • 510 plate included 


  • Filling mechanism 
  • Airflow base on MTL coil needs tweaking

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