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QUAQ Solution Powers ELFBAR and LOST MARY

2 Mins read
  • A trio of atomising technologies defines the latest generation of vaping

Global vaping solution provider QUAQ showcases its trio of technologies across new ELFBAR and LOST MARY-branded products.

LOST MARY’s TAPPO is the latest in a series of vape products on which QUAQ is adopted, including ELFBAR 600V2, ELFA PRO and LOST MARY BM600S.

These QUAQ-powered products, in both single-use and pod system categories, have maintained an unwavering presence in global markets, including Europe, since July 2023.

“We call QUAQ’s latest generation technologies ‘a triathlon’. With QUAQ MESH, CELL, and CAPSULE complementing each other, we have managed to further improve the overall performance of vape products in our continual pursuit of delivering an optimal atomising experience to adult smokers and ex-smokers on their journey to quit smoking,” said Jacques Xiang Li from Team QUAQ.

“Every vape brand aspires to elevate the vaping experience to unprecedented heights. We position QUAQ at the core of this shared objective. As our R&D capabilities expand we anticipate QUAQ’s even greater contributions towards advancing this mutual goal,” Jacques added.


ELFBAR 600V2: fully-upgraded, classic single-use

blue ELFBAR 600V2 disposable vape with purple ribbon like swirl wrapped around it

600V2 is the iteration of ELFBAR’s classic 600 single-use series. Underpinned by QUAQ MESH, the innovative atomisation coil with a bionic honeycomb structure and hydrophilic materials, 600V2 delivers full-blown, ultra-fine vapour almost instantly, with a much smoother mouthfeel and more authentic flavours than previously.

600V2 sets itself apart with the industry’s first atomising power integration, QUAQ CELL, which combines a battery and printed circuit board assembly (PCBA) designed in one set.

ELFBAR 600V2 series’ pre-automated modular and no-soldering structure facilitates a hassle-free recycling process, minimising overall waste production. The series’ batteries can also be dismantled for possible reuse.

 ELFA PRO: upgraded version of widely-welcome prefilled pod kit

As an upgraded ELFBAR pod system vape, ELFA PRO emerges to redefine user experience, bolstered by QUAQ MESH and QUAQ CAPSULE, a patented cartridge solution.

With the help of CAPSULE, ELFA PRO is the industry’s first cotton coil vape to achieve a zero-second coil saturation, giving users instant enjoyment from the very first puff without any latency.

QUAQ helps ELFA PRO deliver palatable and authentic tastes parallel to other ELFBAR-branded single-use products.


BM600S: latest generation of top-selling single-use

4 Lost Mary square vape disposables on a purple and blue shimmering background

Turbocharged by QUAQ CELL and MESH, BM600S promises to continue the top-selling momentum of LOST MARY BM600.

Elevating the vaping experience of BM600S, QUAQ MESH delivers an intensified burst of flavor and a velvety-smooth vapour, while preserving the series’ hallmark authentic flavour reproduction.

BM600S is equipped with the high-density integrated power unit, QUAQ CELL, ensuring a substantially elevated and more stable power output. This enhancement translates into a consistent and robust atomising performance.


TAPPO: the brand’s flagship pod system

 As LOST MARY’s first prefilled pod system tailored for the European market and esteemed as the brand’s flagship offering, TAPPO also pioneers the integration of all three QUAQ technologies. The amalgamation results in comprehensive enhancements across design, mouthfeel, flavour reproduction, leakage prevention, battery, and atomisation performance.


About QUAQ

Global vaping solution provider QUAQ started its journey of advancing atomisation technologies in 2022. From then, QUAQ has navigated into unchartered territories and presented its “triathlon” technologies in 2023. This will help to power the next generation of vaping products by offering an unparalleled experience in collaboration with global vaping brands.

For more information about QUAQ and QUAQ-powered products, please contact,, or

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