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ElfBar 600V2 Disposables Review

By Peach Atkinson 12th October 2023 4 Mins



  • E-liquid Capacity: 2ml
  • Nicotine Strength: 20mg Salt Nicotine
  • Puff Amount: 600 puffs


Rinbo Cloudd

Strikingly similar in taste, this flavour from industry leader Elf Bar, carries a wealth of fruity, rainbow candy inspired notes.

Bursting at the seams with sugary delight, it’s easy to pick up on that unmistakably nostalgic taste of colourful candy.

Washing over your tastebuds comes a blend of sweetness that is then offset by an intense sourness that will literally make your mouth water after every puff.

The classic harmony between sweet and sour that the iconic rainbow candy is known for is perfectly replicated now in vape form.

With minimal amounts of iciness, you can still enjoy an unequivocally fruity flavour.



A fanciful fusion of flavours, this disposable aims to replicate the instantly recognisable taste of a timeless cocktail.

Tantalising notes of lime bring a sort of delightful effervescence to the table, giving a solid podium for the icier mint elements to protrude from.

The unique synergy between fruitiness and coldness helps design the ultimate mojito flavour, that will have you wanting more.

To me, the true beauty of this flavour lies in just how well it exudes realism, and the masterfully crafted combination makes for a refreshing vaping experience.


Blueberry Kiwi

Blissfully simple, the two constituents in this disposable continue to pave a path of striking flavour and unmatched elegance.

Aromatic in taste, the notes of blueberry offer vapers a chance to admire a blend of tartness and softness simultaneously.

In order to further elevate the punchy feel of this disposable, Elf Bar have opted for a wide reaching hit of super sour (but mind blowingly vivacious) kiwi fruit.

This remarkably effective combination gives both elements a chance to play off one another and therefore thrive, all whilst you sit there and enjoy puff after puff.


Lemon Lime

With an incredible balance of tangy lemon and zesty lime, this insanely effective fusion is a true testament to the alliance between these two citrus powerhouses.

Elf Bar have done what they do best, by amplifying the bold citrus profiles with a subtle hint of icy freshness, boosting the bright feel of this device.

A fruit/ice combo is a match made in heaven in my opinion, and this disposable boasts impactful, long lasting flavour with enjoyment at every turn.

Thanks to the mesh coils used in this line of products from Elf Bar, you can expect to have this full on flavour last the entirety of this disposables lifespan.


Apple Watermelon

A combination not often seen in the vape world, this was a first for me.

I’ve tried plenty of apple flavours, and probably even more watermelon ones, but this pairing is new.

As I initially expected, the apple presents itself as a tart green apple, rather sour in taste.

This is soon balanced by a much softer, but equally as enjoyable, watermelon.

To me, the introduction of the straightforward watermelon gave a really effective calming touch to the notes of apple, whilst still offering up a sweet, realistic flavour.

As with many of the disposables in this review, there was a slight indication of iciness, and this just elevated the fresh feeling brought by the other elements.


Watermelon BG

Doing it’s rounds right now, bubblegum flavours are my personal ‘go to’ when it comes to choosing a flavour.

They offer vibrancy, nostalgia and have an unequivocally iconic and sweet taste.

Elf Bar’s decision to add a punchy edge of watermelon was a stroke of pure genius.

The combination of slushy-like watermelon meets the strong strokes of bubblegum in a true cacophony of flavours, complementing one another in the most intricate fashion.

This idea to combine the two was obviously a good choice, and the proportions were ideal.

It is safe to say I thoroughly enjoyed this disposable and the low amount of ice in this case made it even more delicious.


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