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WVA celebrates UK’s approach to vaping ahead of World Vape Day

By Jordan Millar 26th May 2021 4 Mins

The UK has been described as “a beacon of hope for vapers around the world” ahead of World Vape Day 2021 on Sunday.

Michael Landl, Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance, said the country showed that sensible vaping policies can bring huge benefits for public health by slashing smoking rates.

The WVA will host a series of World Vape Day events, bringing together activists, influencers and experts for a packed program of online content.

Landl told Vapouround: “Now is a time to be optimistic – vaping saves lives and the science is clear.

“We must raise our voices and ensure many more smokers have the option to quit with vaping.

“On this World Vape Day we are telling vapers to show the world how vaping has helped you go the extra mile.”  

Michael Landl, WVA

Vapouround Editor Patrick Griffin said that with so much misinformation published about the industry, it was only right that we take the opportunity to celebrate all the good it does.

He said:

“Every day I hear about people for whom vaping has transformed their lives for the better. This is a constant reminder that vaping is a global power for good.

“I am proud to live in a country which embraces this life-saving technology.

“World Vape Day is a global force for good, showing smokers how to take control of their health with reduced risk products.”

Patrick Griffin, Vapouround

World Vape Day 2021 will highlight the benefits of tobacco harm reduction in general and of vaping in particular.

The day’s events will be streamed live on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter and all the timings below are in Central European Time (CET):

4pm: start of the stream with a Vape Trick Show

Vapers will showcase their best tricks and show what amazing things can be done .

4.15pm: Opening remarks

Michael Landl, Director of the WVA & Liza Katsiashvili, Community Manager of the WVA will welcome all viewers, give an overview of the programme, thank our media partners and will look back on an exciting year for vapers and the WVA.

Main talking points:

  • Michael & Lizas personal vape stories
  • Back Vaping. Beat Cancer Campaign
  • WVA’s campaign in the Netherlands against the flavour ban
  • WVA’s first class of its own Academy for members

5pm: Time for Optimism: How Vaping Is Changing the World

Liza Katsiashviliwill will talk to several leaders of WVA partner organisations about the situation in their countries, their success stories over the last year and why they are so passionately fighting for vaping.


  • Joseph Magero (Campaign for a Safe Alternative )
  • Kurt Yeo (Vaping Saved My Life)
  • Francisco Ordonez (Asovape Colombia)
  • Ignacio Leiva Benitez (Asovape Chile)
  • Jeff Zamora (Asovape Costa Rica)
  • Cristiana Batista (APORVAP – Associação Portuguesa de Vaporizadores)
  • Danny Wang (Vape Taiwan),  tbc
  • Maria Papaioannoy (Rights4Vapers), tbc

6pm Why Is it Worth Going the Extra Mile for Vaping

Michael Landl in discussion with experts in tobacco harm reduction about the potential of vaping and why it is worth it to keep up the fight against the general anti-vaping sentiment in politics, media and the general public.


  • Michelle Minton
    Senior fellow at the Competitive Enterprise Institute
  • Prof. Bernd Mayer
    Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Graz in Austria
  • GrimmGreen
    Consumer THR Advocate. Profesional Tobacco Control Critic.
  • Yael Ossowski
    Deputy Director at the Consumer Choice Center
  • Christopher Snowdon
    Head of Lifestyle Economics at the Institute of Economic Affairs (IEA)

7pm The Great Alexandro “Hazard” Lucian Show

A Year in review – the good, the bad and the ugly. Alexandro Lucian, a famous vaping influencer in Brazil, will host a panel discussion together with Michael Landl with tobacco harm experts. They will talk about the milestones for vaping in the past year and what we can learn for the future from them.


  • Ethan Nadelmann
    Founder and former executive director  (2000-17) of the Drug Policy Alliance
  • Clive Bates
    Director of Counterfactual, a consulting and advocacy practice focussed on a pragmatic approach to sustainability and public health.
  • Michael Landl
    Director of the World Vapers’ Alliance


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