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HQD Wave disposable vapes in blue, purple, green and yellow plastic casing


HQD Launches New Vape Ranges In UK

By Staff Editor 10th June 2022 2 Mins


Premium Disposable Vape Experience & Huge Flavour Range Hit The Spot With UK Vapers

Hi-tech Vape brand HQD has launched two new product ranges into the UK market, the HDQ WAVE and HQD PRO, to join HDQ’s extensive existing product line-up. The launch of the new Vape ranges will be supported throughout the summer by a number of high profile music festival sponsorships including Dream Valley (Sat 28th May), Glades of Glory (Sat 30th July) and One Out (June 18th).


The HQD WAVE is a neat, colourful and smoothly designed disposable Vape with a unique, grooved, easy-grasp body. It has a 20 mg/ml salt nicotine capacity that delivers a generous 600 puffs. There are an amazing 21 vape e-juice flavours for the HQD WAVE including both established favourites such as Cola and Strawberry Lemonade and exciting new ones including combos and cocktails such as ‘Blue Razz Lemon’, ‘Dragon Strawberry’ and ‘Black Ice’. Each product is brightly and individually coloured to match the flavour within.

The HQD WAVE provides smooth, trouble free, long-lasting operation, a premium Vape experience and a tantalising array of cool flavours.

promotional banner for the HQD Wave disposable vape


The super sleek and slimline HQD SUPER PRO, is discreet and easily stash-able in size, with a slimline metal casing with a special, luxurious soft touch. It delivers a generous 600 puffs, contains 20mg/ml (2% salt nicotine) and is available in a dazzling array of 19 different flavours, including established favourites and innovative new ones. Try ‘Energize’, ‘Rainbow’ or ‘Banana Ice’. Each product is subtly and individually coloured to match the flavour contained within and the design includes a stylish black mouthpiece that highlights the HQD SUPER PRO’s premium proposition.

three HQD Super Pro disposable vape devices on a blue shelf

It’s a must for design fans and, like with all hi-tech HQD products, it provides a robust, market-leading Vape experience for users combined with design practicality, super flavours and desirability.

The name HQD is relatively new to Vape users in the UK, but the brand, originally formed in 2015, is highly regarded and established in major markets throughout the world, and  renowned for the high quality and desirability of its technically innovative, design savvy products,  together with the huge variety of fresh flavours available and its unmatched Vaping experience. HQD vapes are available now from selected stockists around the UK.

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