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Tropical Storm DIY E-liquid Recipe

By Staff Editor 9th May 2020 2 Mins


Last week we shared our Carrot Cake recipe and this week we’re looking at the other end of the e-liquid spectrum – a tropical fruit and ice profile.

Tropical Storm is a simple, sweetener free recipe but it still has enough complexity for all day vaping and your coils will thank you for the lack of sucralose.

Tropical Storm – recipe:

(CAP) Capella – Sweet Guava – 5%
(CAP) Capella – Golden Pineapple – 3%
(CAP) Capella – Sweet Tangerine – 2.5%
(TFA) The Flavor Apprentice Dragon Fruit – 2.5%
(TFA) The Flavor Apprentice – Papaya – 1.5%
Additive – WS-23 (30%) – 0.6%

Flavour notes:

We’re using CAP Sweet Guava as the foundation of this recipe. It’s used frequently in tropical mixes for good reason, providing a thick sweetness and sticky texture. At 5% it’s one of the more prominent notes but doesn’t bully the rest of the flavours.

A combination of CAP Golden Pineapple and Sweet Tangerine bring some tartness to the mix, along with noticeable bright top notes. This combination has a significant “tropical” connotation and their brightness contrasts nicely with the deeper guava notes.

TFA Dragon Fruit and Papaya are used as accents in this recipe. Dragon Fruit is widely used in fruit mixes as an enhancer and in this case, it boosts the pineapple note while lending a “juicy” mouthfeel to the mix. Papaya enhances the Guava note, with a very mild creaminess and earthy finish that lends additional authenticity.

We’re using WS-23 as a coolant to finish this mix, though it can be interchanged with your coolant of choice or omitted entirely if you do not enjoy cold vapes. At 0.6%, WS-23(30%) is moderately cool but does not interfere with the balance of flavours. If you enjoy a super cold vape, 1% may be more appropriate.


As with many fruit profiles, Tropical Storm does not require a long steep to reach its full potential. We recommend letting it sit for around 3 days, which should allow the flavours to come together nicely. It can also be vaped right off the shake, though in this case the Sweet Guava and citrus notes may be more prominent than intended.

If you give Tropical Storm a try, please do let us know what you think of it!

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