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Peanut Butter and Jam DIY E-liquid Recipe

By Staff Editor 6th June 2020 3 Mins


In this week’s DIY e-liquid recipe, we’re going over a profile that I’ve tried to create for a long time. After countless iterations, I think I’ve finally cracked the code. Let’s dive in!


(TFA) – The Flavor Apprentice – Strawberry Ripe – 5%
(INW) – Inawera – Shisha Strawberry – 1.5%
(INW) – Inawera – Raspberry – 0.35%
(TFA) – the Flavor Apprentice – Peanut Butter DX – 3%
(CAP) – Capella – Cereal 27 – 5%
(CAP) – Capella – Golden Butter – 3%
(CAP) – Capella – Super Sweet – 0.25-0.5% (preference)

Flavour Notes:


 This part took by far the longest for me. There are so many strawberries to choose from. TFA Strawberry Ripe is the starting point and it does what it says on the tin. INW Shisha Strawberry is used to significantly thicken the strawberry, with a sticky texture. INW Raspberry adds a jam-like tang, along with a mild floral note. This addition was the eureka moment for me. It adds even more sticky texture and a slightly darker berry note. This raspberry is very strong and will start to bully the strawberry if increased by much, which you can do if you want a raspberry jam.

Peanut Butter:

 As far as I’m aware, TFA Peanut Butter DX is the defacto king of peanut butter flavourings. It’s the first one I bought and I’ve never felt the need to buy another. At 3% it’s not super prominent in the mix, mostly tasted on the finish, which I like. You could bump this up if you want more PB, though it may cause a little dryness at super high percentages.

Toast + Butter: 

I’m not taking credit for this one. I’ve tried so many combinations to get a buttery toast base and none of them quite worked. Then this combination of CAP Cereal 27 and Golden Butter became popular on many mixing forums/groups overnight. I combined it with the jam base I was working on and was thoroughly impressed!

I know 3% Golden Butter sounds insane but believe me, it just works. Same with the cereal, it really does give a bread note when paired with the butter and jam.


I’m not ususally a fan of adding sweetener and avoid it wherever possible. For this profile, it seems almost necessary for the sake of authenticity. I find it works in this mix anywhere from 0.25-0.5% depending on how sweet your tooth is.


This mix comes together nicely after 5-7 days but can certainly be vaped before then. The butter note takes shape around the 5-day mark, and the INW Raspberry needs a few days to settle in with the strawberries to create a jammy top note.

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