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melonade diy eliquid recipe

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Melonade DIY E-liquid Recipe

By Staff Editor 17th May 2020 2 Mins


Last week we shared our Tropical Storm recipe and with the weather continuing to warm up, we’re staying on the same track of refreshing fruity vapes. Melonade is a simple, light fruit and ice blend, which lends itself nicely to all day vaping. Since it doesn’t contain any additional sweetener, it’s also great for coil longevity.

Melonade – Recipe:

(FLV) Flavorah – Wild Melon – 3.5%
(FLV) Flavorah – Watermelon – 1.5%
(TFA) The Flavour Apprentice – Honeydew II – 1%
(FLV) Flavorah – Citrus Soda – 1.25%
(CAP) Capella – Lemon Lime – 1%
Additive – WS-23 – 0.7%

Flavour notes:

Our Melonade aims to be melon forward, with the lemonade taking a back seat. To achieve this, we’re starting with FLV Wild Melon. Wild Melon is described as a melon medley, though to me cantaloupe is the most prominent flavour. We’re pairing this with some Watermelon for additional tartness. TFA Honeydew II is a bright, sweet honeydew melon that bolsters the top note without dominating.

Next up is the lemonade base. I can’t take any credit for this, since it was All The Flavors user Staybert who discovered that the combination of FLV Citrus Soda and CAP Lemon Lime results in a bright, convincing lemonade note that can be thrown into just about any fruit mix. In this case, it’s providing a nice citrus finish that makes the melon more defined.

Melonade is finished with a good helping of WS-23. I find that melon recipes work well with a more noticeable amount of cooling, which is why we have added more to this mix than the 0.6% found in Tropical Storm.


Like many other fruit mixes, Melonade doesn’t need much time steeping time to be fully enjoyed. It vapes nicely straight off the mix, though comes together properly after 2-3 days.

If you mix this one up, please let us know your thoughts!

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