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Carrot Cake DIY E-liquid Recipe

By Staff Editor 2nd May 2020 2 Mins


With many of us stuck in doors at the moment, there’s never been a better time to try your hand at DIY e-liquid. Today we’re breaking down a relatively unusual recipe that we’ve been enjoying a lot recently.

Carrot Cake – Recipe:

(VTA) Vape Train Australia – Carrot Cake – 4.5%
(JF) Jungle Flavors – Yellow Cake – 1.75%
(INW) Inawera – Yes We Cheesecake – 3%
(CAP) Capella – French Vanilla V1 – 2%
(FA) Flavour Art – Custard Premium – 1.5%
(CAP) Capella – Super Sweet – 0.25%

Flavour Notes:

The actual “carrot cake” flavour many of us are familiar with is mostly derived from walnut, hazelnut and cinnamon. We could use several concentrates to achieve this but VTAs Carrot Cake provides a great starting point that includes a nice cake texture, with a mild, non-intrusive cinnamon. Adding some JF Yellow Cake enhances the cake note, without making the recipe too dry.

Next up is the all-important cream cheese icing. There are countless ways to achieve this flavour. Many mixers would start with Lorann’s Cream Cheese Icing, though I find it to produce an undesirable smoky flavour, so it’s off the table for me.

Instead, we’re starting with INW Yes We Cheesecake. This adds a rich creamy base and substantial mouthfeel after a few days steeping. A combination of CAP French Vanilla V1 and FA Custard Premium elevate the cheesecake note with a good helping of bright confectionary vanilla, creating a well-rounded cream cheese icing.

Originally, I did not intend to add sweetener to this recipe and it’s certainly not necessary, though 0.25% of CAP Super Sweet does add some authenticity and allows this relatively light dessert profile to linger on the palate a little longer after vaping.


I suggest a one-week steep for this recipe. It tastes okay immediately after mixing but the cream notes do not quite come together until a few days down the line. This is by no means a long time by dessert profile standards, but a little patience goes a long way.

If you mix this up, please do let us know your thoughts!

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