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Geekvape Wenax K2 Kit

By Peach Atkinson 8th August 2023 5 Mins


When it comes to pod systems, the industry is constantly evolving. We find more and more developments ranging from battery life to flavour production, and the Wenax K2 from Geekvape is true to this sentiment.

Looking at this kit, you may find yourself thinking “Well, what’s different between this, and most other pod systems?”.

I can say with full conviction that the Wenax K2 harnesses a truly remarkable set of features.

Design & Features

The exterior of this kit is super straightforward, boasting a fire button, three lights that indicate power settings/battery life and a fully adjustable airflow control to the side of the device.

It is available in a wide range of attractive colours and finishes to suit all, and today I’ll be looking at the matte black edition.

How to use the Wenax K2

Keeping in line with the simplicity often coveted by new vapers or smokers looking to switch, the Wenax K2 is oh so easy to operate.

Switching the device on or off, requires vapers to press the fire button a total of 5 times in quick succession.

The Wenax K2 also offers users the choice of cycling between three different power settings – by pressing the fire button 3 times.

Each power output mode is indicated by the coloured lights on the front of the device. White lights mean low output, blue is in the middle and green meaning full power.

With a particularly substantial integrated battery (1000mAh) you can expect to puff most of the day comfortably.

How Long will the battery last on a Wenax K2

Obviously, battery life is relative to the power settings, so bear this in mind when selecting your preferred mode.

Charging fully takes about 35 minutes or so, so even if your battery drops, you’ll be up and running again in no time at all.

Wenax Pods

The Wenax K2 makes use of Wenax K1 pods, which contain a built-in coil, reducing the cumbersome task of changing coils when they burn out.

Filling the 2ml, TPD compliant cartridge requires you to pop open a small rubber seal that will accommodate most bottle tips.

To me, and I’m sure many others, the translucent quality of the pods themselves were perfect to see through, and it makes it super convenient to know when it’s time to refill.

I decided to use the pre-installed 0.8ohm pod first, as I felt it gave off a satisfying, warm inhale.

The flavour offered by these pods is truly surprising – I remember back in the early days of vaping, anything less than 1 ohm had little to no flavour and a mild, almost indistinguishable throat hit.

This couldn’t be further from the truth nowadays, with the Wenax pods, you can expect a smooth but intense flavour and discreet cloud production.

The wide, almost rectangular-shaped mouthpiece had an impressive smoothing effect on the flavour – something I felt complemented the 20mg e-liquid I was using.

I found pods lasted me approximately a week or so, and even then it didn’t really have a burnt taste – I just noticed a bit of flavour dissipation at the end.

How do you adjust the airflow on the Wenax K2

Operating the Wenax K2 is a breeze, and features an auto draw function, reducing the complexity of using this device.

One of my favourite decisions that Geekvape has gone with, is its fully adjustable airflow controller.

It involves a simple sliding switch, allowing vapers to choose their preferred inhale.

I found that closing the airflow nearly all the way, made the inhale very similar to that of a cigarette…however, a fully open airflow delivered a perfect RDTL inhale, so there is a choice for everyone.

Durability & Performance

When it comes to durability and physical performance, the Wenax K2 held up exceptionally well.

Although I haven’t dropped it…yet, the build quality on this little kit can be appreciated and had a robust exoskeleton that I’m sure will withstand knocks and bumps aplenty.

I feel like the main strong point of the Wenax K2 is its suitability for new vapers, it is easy to use and delivers a consistent and reliable performance, with absolutely no indication of ongoing issues that may deter people trying to quit smoking.

Overall thoughts on the Wenax K2

You will have probably already guessed, but my experience reviewing the Wenax K2 was an extraordinarily good one, and it’s unique features will prove to be popular especially so with new vapers, as well as seasoned vapers alike.


  • Easy to use
  • I liked the inclusion of an adjustable airflow control
  • Pods were easy to fill and their see-through quality was a good idea
  • The shape of the drip tip was ideal for me


  • I feel a little extra weight to this device would boost its quality feel, but this is completely subjective

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