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ELFBAR brings ELFA PRO to the UK

By ELFBAR 13th October 2023 4 Mins

  • Iteration of prefilled pod kit a testament to the brand’s sustainability commitment
  • Palatable and authentic flavours delivered, and consistent with ELFBAR-branded disposables
  • 0 second saturation guaranteed to offer a new and unparalleled experience


London, United Kingdom, 15 August 2023 — Global vaping technology pioneer ELFBAR unveils ELFA PRO, an iteration of its widely-welcomed pod system vape ELFA, in the United Kingdom, inheriting ELFBAR’s well sought-after and authentic flavours.

Following the UK, ELFA PRO will also be available in other European markets including France in September, Spain in October and Ireland in October.


Opt to a greener solution

With this upgrade, ELFBAR shows testament to its ongoing sustainability drive to present a more cost-effective product offering, while in dedication to delivering an exceptional user experience.

In a spearheading move, ELFA PRO provides users with a greener solution to reduce battery and plastic waste. Vapers can easily enjoy an array of 38 flavours, all while scaling down environmental impact. The various pod selection also sticks to its mission of offering products with the best price-to-performance ratio.

green recycle symbol wrapped around a blue and silver ELFA PRO pod kit vape from ELFBAR


Mouthfeel guarded by quaq Tech combo

ELFA PRO’s solution largely helps deliver palatable and authentic flavours consistent with other ELFBAR-branded disposables.

Coil-wise, quaq Mesh Coil, a pillar in the triathlon quaq Tech combo, further spruces up ELFA PRO’s overall experience. Shaped by medical-grade high-precision instruments, quaq Mesh Coil provides exceptional wire-wick cohesion, bringing about strong bursts of flavours, stable consistency to the last puff, smooth and full-blown vapour, and excellent flavour reproduction.

ELFA PRO sets itself apart with its application of the unique cotton coil. In comparison to the ceramic coil, the cotton coil is able to bring further optimised mouthfeel, with a higher delivery of more authentic flavours.

ELFA PRO also incorporates E-liquid Coil Separation (ECS) technology to effectively maintain the freshness and contain the leakage of the e-liquid in an optimal manner. In the meantime, bolstered by the latest quaq CAPSULE, ELFA PRO is the first on the market to achieve zero-second coil saturation, offering a seamless experience from the very first puff without any latency.


visual diagram of the coil inside the ELFA PRO pod kit

“We are excited to present ELFA PRO, the latest ELFA series device that not only brings authentic and mellow flavours thanks to our quaq Mech Coil, but also contributes to our global goal of staying environmentally responsible, especially in the UK,” said Victor Xiao, ELFBAR’s Chief Operating Officer.

“It has been ELFBAR’s relentless pursuit of bringing the best possible sustainable vaping products as the industry’s first to address our users’ pain points, and we are on the right track to delivering this,” he added.


A know-where-you-are design

ELFA PRO’s two-colour gradient surface embodies a positive attitude. On top of the body crownes a visible pod, allowing users to easily monitor the liquid level and preventing any unpleasant burnt taste when puffing. A selection of eight colours are offered in this iteration.

ELFBAR ELFA PRO prefilled pod kit

ELFA PRO is the latest ELFBAR product committed to providing vapers with cutting-edge and environmentally responsible solutions. With its greener approach, exceptional flavours, and enhanced vaping experience powered by quaq Tech combo, ELFA PRO positions itself as an industry disruptor.



ELFBAR is a pioneer and innovator in the global vaping industry, with an unwavering dedication to exploring new inspirations and unlocking more possibilities in life by providing distinct vaping experience to meet global users’ diverse palates. Meanwhile, ELFBAR has stayed true to its commitment to compliance, youth protection, and sustainable development in all the global markets where it markets.

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