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GrimmGreen Warned His Channel Could Disappear If YouTube Continues To Target His Content

By Jordan Millar 29th November 2022 3 Mins


GrimmGreen, vaping’s biggest YouTube star, warned his channel – and it’s thousand plus library of videos – could disappear if the platform continues to target his content.

In a recent Twitter thread, the longtime vlogger, reviewer and streamer said he’d been slapped with his second strike from the site…on a video he’d uploaded nine years ago.

A distraught GrimmGreen told his followers that if he was hit with just one more warning, his channel ‘is gone’.

He said:

“I’ve spent 13 years on this platform and followed every rule…but YouTube REFUSES to understand.

“The logic is that a youth will get around the age-gate on the video, type in the address I briefly flash on the screen, get past the website’s own age-verification and get a credit card to order vape gear…then forge an adult signature when it arrives.”

He confirmed that he would be happy to blur his past content to ensure it remains in-line with the site’s evolving standards, but said YouTube doesn’t allow that as an option for creators.

GrimmGreen said:

“This could be easily accomplished; rather than deleting all my videos, I could make them compliant with the new rules that didn’t exist when I uploaded them.”

The internationally-recognised vaping personality – whose channel has amassed almost 400,000 subscribers – also questioned why YouTube was specifically targeting vaping content.

Alongside a chorus of outraged fans, he highlighted that the video sharing site is packed with questionable and harmful subject matter, but seems dead-set on tackling videos that relate to e-cigarettes.

He said:

“YouTube allows me to view hateful racist content, actual tobacco and cigar content and alcohol content on its platform.

“But a nicotine vape for a smoker wanting to quit cigarettes…that s**t is unacceptable.”

In a recent statement, the World Vapers’ Alliance addressed YouTube’s seeming crusade against vaping content, saying there are increasing reports of ‘strikes, removals and other restrictions’ against harm reduction creators.

The blog – written by Allison Boughner – suggested that a whirlwind of scare stories from the US could be ‘spilling over’ to sites like YouTube and encouraging them to take action against this content.

It read:

“These videos are invaluable; misinformation on vaping is spreading across the globe and we need a platform where we can share our experiences and our truth.

“In reality, there is a lot more questionable content that I would not want kids to have access to…so why is YouTube letting it slide while adding to the misinformation surrounding vaping and nicotine?

“Let’s all take a moment of silence for the deleted and banned videos of the past and hope that YouTube moving forward can find a way to make these videos accessible to adults while protecting youth.”

Allison confirmed that she had reached out to the platform for a comment on its flagging of vape related content…but didn’t receive a reply.

GrimmGreen has received a mass of support from fans and followers since announcing the latest action against his channel.

Here’s what a few people had to say:

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