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Top 5 mech mods

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Top 5 Mech Mods

By Staff Editor 11th April 2020 3 Mins


A few years ago, mechanical mods were the only way to achieve a high wattage vape. A lot has changed since then and with the many regulated mods now available, mechs have become something of a hobbyist’s pursuit. Though they do lack the functionality of a regulated device, modern mech mods perform fantastically and to many enthusiasts, provide an experience that just can’t be had when a chipset is involved. With proper maintenance, a well-made mechanical device can last for years, so there are still some advantages. Today we’re highlighting five of the best mechs that are currently available.

5. Dovpo x Signature Tips x Mikevapes Clutch:

Dovpo, Signature tips and Mikevapes recently came together to produce the Clutch and we’re so glad they did. It has the classic design language of all Signature Tips mechanical mods, paired with Dovpo’s manufacturing and Mikevapes’ locking concept. The result is a tiny 21700 mech, with solid silver contacts and a simple locking switch that makes the mod much more pocket friendly. Despite this being a box, rather than a tube, the Clutch still maintains a hybrid connection and those solid silver contacts mean that voltage drop is kept to a minimum. A utilitarian mech mod.

4. AMC Haka:

Acapella Mod Co. came flying out of the gates with their Haka mod last year. It’s quite compact for a 21700 tube and machined from thick brass, which oozes premium quality. With a hybrid connection and constant contact switch, performance is top notch, too. The Mauri inspired engravings add a unique look to the device, and it became one of our favourite mech mods during testing due to how easy it is to maintain. AMC managed to deliver all of this while keeping the RRP below £100, which is very impressive.

3. Vaperz Cloud Saga:

Vaperz Cloud have been prominent in the mech scene for a number of years now and the Saga has been one of their best releases to date. It’s a beastly dual 21700 series mech, with a comfortable rounded form factor and extremely minimal look. The copper internals provide fantastic performance and the clean lines of the mod mean virtually any series atomiser is going to look fantastic on top. A great option for the experienced series fan who’s looking for intense power.

2. Timesvape Dreamer 1.5:

Timesvape and Tenacious TX Vapes teamed up to bring us the original Dreamer, which was one of the first affordable 21700 mech tubes. The 1.5 looks virtually identical at first glance, though the switch has been totally revamped, to provide a more satisfactory constant contact experience, which means less maintenance and no arcing. A simple, affordable mech tube that’s difficult to beat at its price point.

1. Nameless Mods Co Unknown:

UK outfit Nameless Mods Co thoroughly impressed us with the Unknown last year and it’s still among the best mech mods money can buy. It’s not the smallest 21700 tube out there but that extra size is used appropriately, with heavy construction and a robust switch, which has a buttery smooth action. The engravings are understated but suit many of our top atomisers, which is a nice touch. The fact that this one is made right here in the UK makes it particularly special to us. One for the mech heads who value raw performance and manufacturing quality above all else.

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