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Geekvape Wenax K1 SE Review

By Peach Atkinson 4th July 2022 4 Mins


Geekvape is known worldwide for its consistent and cutting-edge vaping technology and have pushed ahead by creating a wide range of devices, suitable for every vaper.

When a kit, such as the Wenax K1 SE comes along, I want to see what makes this different from the rest, how it performs and who would best benefit from it.

It is safe to say I got on really well with this simple, discreet and pocket-friendly kit.

Device specifications:

  • Dimensions: 114.6*21.6*11.5mm
  • Power output: 9-16W
  • Battery capacity: 600mAh
  • Pod capacity: 2ml
  • Charging specification: USB-C charging port
  • Weight (excluding e-liquid): 32g
  • Auto draw
  • MTL inhale

To look at, the Wenax K1 SE does not differ drastically from other similar setups, it is rectangular in shape with smooth, rounded edges.

About the size of your index finger, this kit will easily fit in even the tiniest of pockets and with eight gorgeous colour options (my personal favourite being a blend of pink and green) there is something to suit every vaper.

wenax k1 se promotional artwork with two devices in front of a cloud

Key features

One of the first things I noticed was the weight. Heralded as being light as air, the Wenax K1 SE weighs in at a mere 32g and this is clearly reflected when holding it.

Boasting a lightweight feel, this kit still manages to get the performance side of things absolutely spot on too.

With an impressive battery capacity of 600mAh, the Wenax K1 SE is charged rapidly via USB C and lasts a fair while.

The next significant thing about this kit is its specially-designed stable power output.

It manages to maintain a satisfying hit, for longer and without noticeable power loss when vaping, even as the battery life diminishes.

Battery life is indicated by a subtly coloured light behind the logo on the side of the device – a widely used concept in devices lacking a screen.

Also compatible with the Wenax K1 pods, the pods/cartridges that come with the kit include a built-in coil (that is non-removable) and the device itself auto-adjusts to the ideal wattage depending on which resistance coil/pod you are using. Each TPD compliant, 2ml pod lasted about half a day before needing to be refilled.

The fact that this kit is draw-activated and has no screen, makes it a no-brainer for users looking to switch from disposable vapes. It mimics the tight, yet flavourful, inhale found on disposables and is cheaper in the long run to use and maintain.

Geekvape claims each pod (over it’s coil lifespan) is equivalent to approximately 10 disposables, plus you get the opportunity to refill the pod with your choice of e-liquid – something that I would count as a definite plus.

wenax k1 se red vape pod device with replaceable pods

How does the Wenax K1 SE perform?

The Wenax K1 SE works incredibly well with higher strength 50/50 VG/PG e-liquids, and you can expect impressive flavour and an even more impressive throat hit.

I would class the type of inhale as a true mouth-to-lung, especially with the fact that there is no adjustable airflow, further cementing this kit as being a great starter choice for smokers and fans of disposables.

Another thing I liked was the mouthpiece, which was thin and flat and accentuated the smooth MTL inhale, whilst also boosting flavour production.

Despite its delicate look, the Wenax K1 SE still came across as durable and hardy, and easily survived a three-meter drop test onto marble, without so much as a minuscule scratch (although I wouldn’t recommend chucking it out of your bedroom window).

What type of vaper would best suit the Wenax K1 SE?

I personally feel that this stunning little device would be a ‘go to’ not only for new vapers but also for users of disposables.

The reasoning behind that presumption is mainly due to it’s similarity to the type of inhale, flavour, size and portability of a standard disposable. Plus you can recharge the device and refill the cartridge with any flavour you like.

In the long term, using the Wenax K1 SE can also be more economic to run on a day-to-day basis.

Overall thoughts on the Wenax K1 SE

For such a basic and unassuming piece of kit, the Wenax K1 SE did not disappoint in any way shape or form. It opened my eyes to see potential options for replacing disposables, and not completely geared just for smokers looking to quit.


  • A great device that closely resembles the taste and feel of a disposable
  • Easy to use
  • Fast charging
  • A lovely MTL inhale and throat hit


  • I would prefer replaceable coils rather than replaceable cartridges

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