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Scotland Announces Total Ban on Vaping Adverts Nationwide

By Oliver Smith 1st March 2024 3 Mins

As the worries of ‘youth access’ strengthen across the UK, it seemed like only a matter of time until one of the four nations took some serious action.

Scotland, raised many eyebrows when it recently announced a total ban on all vaping adverts nationwide.

Laws banning the promotion and advertising of vapes are set to be brought in by the government in a crackdown designed to protect children from the menace of nicotine addiction.

Concerning the rise in child vaping, the move will see adverts on, buses, flyers, sports promotions, billboards and digital displays being completely outlawed.

In a press release, the Scottish Government confirmed it had activated legal powers to enforce an advertising ban. Increasing the legal age of purchasing the nicotine-based products from 18 to 21 has also been considered by ministers.

Public Health Minister Jenni Minto said:

“We are determined to take action to stop young people using vapes and becoming addicted.

“We want to do more to achieve our goal of being tobacco-free in Scotland by 2034 and will consider a range of measures, including restrictions on the age of sale.

“After collaborating in the fournation consultation on tackling youth vaping, which closed in December, we are continuing to work on the next steps.”

While vapes were intended to help wean smokers off cigarettes, pocket money prices, rainbow colours and sweet flavours have led to an upsurge in youngsters becoming hooked. Giving out free samples will also be banned, along with vape firms sponsoring any nightclubs and or activities.

When the plans were first announced, Doug Mutter, director of Scotland-based VPZ said:

“Any controls placed on vaping promotion are in denial of the facts. “It will represent a massive own goal for the NHS in Scotland and means that the country can kiss goodbye to its 2034 smoke free ambitions.

“There is incontrovertible independent evidence that vaping is the most effective quit method for adult smokers, having been proven to double and even triple the success rate of Nicotine Replacement Therapies, such as gums and patches.”

Currently, the Advertising Standards Authority prohibits any vaping brands from marketing activity or material that is association with youth culture… characters who appeal to under 18s or anyone behind in an ‘adolescent or juvenile manner’.

According to the Global State of Tobacco Harm Reduction, there are now 26 countries that have completely banned the advertising of nicotine vaping products.

A few of note are of course Norway, who banned all adverting in 2021, as well as South Africa, which was one of the first to do so back in 2018. Despite the introduction of the law over 5 years ago, South Africa is still battling youth access. Even recently announcing a new vaping tax on all products, in hopes to deter young adults…although many advocates believe this will not work.

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