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#fillthebottle Campaign Tackles Cigarette Butts

By Phoebe Fuller 8th August 2019 2 Mins


A group of teenagers in France have set Twitter alight with a butt-kicking campaign to clean up cigarette litter.

A campaign to #fillthebottle has gone viral on Twitter, encouraging thousands worldwide to clean up cigarette butts.

Amel Telha decided to launch the hashtag after her friend, Jason Prince, posted a photo to Twitter.

In his post, Jason showed a water bottle full of cigarette butts that he said had been collected in 20 minutes.

This inspired 18 year old Amel to get others on board.

Less than 24 hours after launching #fillthebottle, thousands of posts flooded Twitter using the hashtag.

“I lost my words…to see that people liked it and took time to do it,” Amel told the BBC.

She is now in touch with French company MéGo, who can collect and recycle the butts.

Amel said:

“This [cigarette litter] is a big problem in France, but also around the world.”

In fact, cigarette butts are the most littered item in the world.

And, in recent years, there have been many campaigns to raise awareness of their environmental-dangers.

Campaigns such as #fillthebottle highlight the importance of disposing of cigarette litter.

In June, a British town launched their own system to tackle the problem.

And a mass clean-up also took place in the Channel Islands, to mark World No Tobacco Day.

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