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feelm air ceramic coil vape pod system broken down into sections


Industry leader FEELM has launched world’s thinnest ceramic coil

By Patrick Griffin 19th January 2022 3 Mins


After seven years of research, FEELM unveiled what it described as the ‘world’s thinnest ceramic coil vape pod solution’ at a global online launch event in London.

The presentation for the groundbreaking new FEELM Air resembled the slick online Apple media events and attracted an audience from around the world.

FEELM Air is designed for closed pod systems and features the world’s first seven-layer composite heating film.

The new ceramic coils are equipped with ‘the world’s smallest linear motor’, which has a super-low energy consumption of just 0.06 percent and a life cycle of 150 million times.

The motor offers a unique “Shock-wave Mode”, bringing users delicate vibrations and an interactive vaping experience, so they can feel the resonance in every puff.

FEELM said they worked hard on power efficiency and found a solution which would allow eight hours vaping from a quick 10-minute charge

Compared to the last generation coil, energy density is increased by 20 percent while battery life is increased by 30 percent.

Frank Han, President of FEELM and Senior Vice President of parent company SMOORE, said he was proud to launch a ‘revolutionary technology’.

He said:

“For more than 2,500 days, over seven years, 500 scientists worked together to deliver a technological revolution for FEELM. 

“FEELM Air replaces the single-layer film with a seven-layer biotic ultra-slim film. 

“The thickness of the film is reduced from 80 micrometers to two micrometers, which is 40 times thinner than the last generation.”

Frank Han, President of FEELM

Already one in three vape pod cartridges in the world features FEELM’s ceramic coil and this new coil is poised to take the company to new heights.

Vape devices powered by FEELM atomizers have been exported to 50 countries with sales exceeding three billion pieces.

FEELM Air also features second generation “Puzzle leakage-proof” technology, with a superabsorbent lock layer to effectively prevent e-liquid splashing, an upgraded capillary structure and an innovative choke valve to prevent condensation. All these combine to reduce leakage by 237 percent.

FEELM also announced a ‘brand refresh’ at the launch event, to encompasses five brand concepts based on the company name:

F is for FEEL, representing the ultimate sensation

E refers to the Engine powering Atomization

E stands for Exploration, exploring the Frontier of Atomization

L represents Lifestyle. Atomization makes life better, it is our corporate mission

M is memory. Great tastes preserve fond memories.

The brand also unveiled its new logo, the contour of ceramic coil in a shape of window, symbolizing FEELM’s Window to Ultimate Sensation.

The company said the “open window” stands for the infinite pursuit of a better sensory experience, representing FEELM’s commitment to ultimate sensation.

Han added:

“Forty times thinner than the last generation, this new technology is also a revolutionary breakthrough in FEELM’s atomization solution.

“This latest ceramic coil allows infinite possibilities for product design, making a further step towards differentiated design, harm reduction and flavour reproduction.”

Frank Han, President of FEELM
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